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Born Again
October 2006
Released: 2006, DeadLine Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

Warrant fans rejoice as the band is back and ready to kick your ass. After re-uniting with former members Joey and Steven and the departure of of vocalist Jani Lane some were a bit skeptical on the sound. This disc proves without a doubt that even though Lane was ‘The Voice’ behind the hits it was the other four classic guys that held the sound. Enter into the picture Jaime “The Saint” St.James and the new Warrant is complete.

After releasing a trilogy of great albums the band lost their way so to speak thus beginning a pattern of revolving members. As they forged on many seemed to dismiss them and looked at them as washed up has beens. This album sees them reunited with Joey Allen on guitar and Steven Sweet behind the kit thus bringing back the classic sound that put them on the top of the charts originally. While Jani had the distinctive voice that many related to once you hear BORN AGAIN you will be left saying “Jani who?”.

The dozen tracks here are classic Warrant. This is what the follow-up to DOG EAT DOG should have been. Guitar solo’s are back, great hooks and melodies are everywhere. Jaime fits ito the band perfectly, his voice fits the songs exceptionally well and you can even imagine him doing the old ones as ell.

Songs like “Dirty Jack”, “Bourbon County Line” and “the slightly more mellow “Glimmer” really showcase the talent of these 5 musicians. There is not a filer track to be heard on the disc. All the songs are first rate and need to be cranked up at ear bleed volume. Even have any pre-concieved notions that these guys are just a nostalgia hair band then go pick up this disc. You cannot say that after hearing tracks like “Roxy” or “Down In Diamonds”. This is truly a great band record.
Track Listing

Devils Juice
Dirty Jack
Bourbon Country Line
Hell, CA
Love Strikes Like Lightning
Roller Coaster
Down In Diamonds
Velvet Noose
Good Times


Jaime St. James – vocals
Joey Allen – lead guitar
Erik Turner – rhythm guitar
Jerry Dixon – bass
Steve Sweet – drums

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