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Unknown Soldier
October 2001
Released: 2000, Spinefarm Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Children of Bodom. Just about everyone who’s into metal has an opinion on this band, ranging from “get that shit away from me!” to “wow, these guys are godly!”. Well, suffice it to say that anyone in the former category will hate this CD, while the rest of us who love CoB will probably love it! See, Warmen is the instrumental solo project of CoB keyboardist Janne Warmen. Warmen wrote all of the songs on here, and even if you didn’t know what band he plays in regularly, you’d guess that it was CoB. I mean, this is basically an instrumental CoB album.

Surprisingly, despite the fact that Warmen plays keyboards, there is an equal emphasis placed on the guitars. While Warmen’s keyboards are the focus, it’s not just senseless wanking. In fact, Warmen is careful that the song is more important than the individual instruments. “The Evil That Warmen Do” is the first proper song and it shows that Warmen has learned a thing or two from CoB leader Alexi Laiho. This song is catchy as all hell! Laiho’s main squeeze Kimberly Goss also shows up on the next song “The Devil’s Mistress”, lending lyrics and her considerable vocals. A great opening riff also helps the song. Goss also shows up on “Fire Within”, though this song is less cool.

Other highlights of the album include the title track, “Warcry of the Salieri” and “Piano Intro”. Needless to say, if you like CoB, you’ll likely enjoy this effort. Warmen has crafted a very cool album here, even if it is somewhat derivative of his main band. Check it out soon, ‘cause there’s a new one coming out early next year!
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