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November 2001
Released: 2001, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Mosquito

Canada impresses the masses again with their latest offering to the global metal milita. This country has pushed out a number of legendary bands such as Voivod, Annihilator, etc. I stumbled on this gem on accident when I purchased the latest BW&BK because I needed some nice reading material in the bathroom. I popped the demo cd in and began listening to the various tracks and then the beginning of "Beginning Of The End" rattled through my headphones with the initial drum beats and then a really nice lead comes into play. If that wasn't enough, the rhythm throughout the song grabs you and doesn't let go until the very end. The singer has a great voice and can roughly be compared to Angra's Andre Matos.

Joe DiTaranto, Warmachine's vocalist, doesn't seem to have the same vocal range as Andre Matos's, but he can sing very well and does it with class. Warmachine's guitar work sounds like a less aggresive Sentenced with very NWOBHM influenced leads. The guitar work, although not unique, is very well written and the composition itself is really good.

Now the real test came. Are the rest of their songs played with the same power and conviction as "Beginning Of The End"? I decided to find out very quickly. I headed to their official site,, and downloaded the other two tracks from their latest demo. First up was "Forgotten Demise", which is yet another solid track in the same vein as the previous one. The song starts off with a nice guitar intro and then kicks into the rhythm lines and holds you down until the chorus begins. The chorus is very catchy, but not quite as catchy as the chorus for "Beginning Of The End". However, it's still a very good song and has a very solid structure.

The only track that was left was "Alone". I really figured this song would be good since the other two were excellent. I was surprised when I found that the song sounded like it was going to be a ballad, but then dropped into a very nice drum rhythm. This is definately a song to play with your air-guitar or air-drums. The chorus is amazing and, as always, the guitar and drum work is excellent.

Let me just say that there aren't many downfalls for this band and if they continue to put out quality material like this, they could definately develop a nice fan base of metalheads. The talent is definately there. I also have to mention that the production quality of the demo is very professional. No trashcan production sound here. A very top notch demo.

The only reason for getting a 4 out of 5 is because this is a demo and not a full album. The only real complaint in general about the band is that they don't have much material yet. However, I am sure that with enough time, they can come up with some really great stuff and I am definately looking forward to a full fledged album release by these guys.

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