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Warlord U.K.
We Die As One
August 2014
Released: 2014, Xtreem Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Although Warlord U.K. has been around for over 20 years, they’ve not been the most prolific group. Their first album surfaced in 1996, but there was nothing but silence from the band until they re-emerged in 2010 with their sophomore album. Given that perspective, the fact that they’ve taken four years to release album #3 seems like no time at all (!).

On to the music, WE DIE AS ONE is a crushing assault of death metal, clearly influenced by the band’s country mates in Bolt Thrower. Heck, the album is even wrapped in cool Warhammer 40K-esque artwork, setting the stage for the tales of futuristic battles told in the lyrics. It’s certainly an engrossing total package, despite the fact that Warlord’s music isn’t exactly cutting edge.

Of course, I must assume that is intentional given the age of the band (i.e. they’re just doing what they’ve always done) because the music one this album is honed to a razor sharp edge (of a bayonet, like the guy on the cover). Track after track hammers into you mercilessly, but the band is careful to ensure each song has memorable riffs that kept me coming back for more, even after being underwhelmed on my first couple of play throughs. Subsequent listens revealed that, although the band is working within a set formula, they do it damn well and know how to write solid death metal anthems.

Aside from Hail of Bullets, I can’t think of too many bands that are covering this terrain in death metal these days, and that fact alone makes WE DIE AS ONE a refreshing listen. The fact that the music is so good is the icing on the cake, making Warlord U.K. a welcome addition to any fan’s death metal collection.
Track Listing

1) When Worlds Collide
2) Human Inner Core
3) Masses Gather in Masses
4) Insurgents Breed
5) Strength Defeats Decay
6) Last of Our Legacy
7) Age of Extreme
8) Knights of the Godless
9) We Die As One
10) Remember Them


Mark White: Vocals, Bass
Gary “Gaz” Thomas: Guitar
Dan Brookes: Guitar
Kevin Bartlett: Drums



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