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The Holy Empire
December 2013
Released: 2013, Son Of A Dream
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

One of the most notable and anticipated epic metal bands are back! Eleven years after their previous release the legendary Warlord are finally back with their new album, THE HOLY EMPIRE. The Warlord is undoubtedly a very special band. Their music heritage is small regarding to the thirty years old ‘epic’ career, just ten complete songs of epic and melodic heavy metal since thirty years and another album in 2002, and now they are here with THE HOLY EMPIRE. The personal sound that they managed to create, the astonishing playing of Tsamis and Zonder and the bonding that they had was enough to keep them alive in the consciousness of the world and to elevate them into legends. Especially, in our country this cult appears particularly enlarged due to the Greek fans’ love for epic metal and the Greek origin of William Tsamis as well the lyrical music Warlord.

THE HOLY EMPIRE continues the dominance of Warlord, culminating with their best album, "Deliver Us". Looking back in time and after only two studio albums, I put it into my top five albums of the year and when they decide to play it at their live shows, and even an epic feeling penetrates your body. In these times, when words like «internet» and «downloading» sound weird to us, THE HOLY EMPIRE comes to remind us what the holy sword mean. ‘Deliver Us’ was the first album I had by Warlord and I like it for sentimental reasons.

The new album comes to accomplish the magic world that their debut album created in my mind, but also because I believe that some things are good to stay as they are, because it is an integral point of the history of bands, I will say that I prefer the original version. I believe that THE HOLY EMPIRE is not the best Warlord album, but neither it will enlarge the existing small fanbase, or change someone's view for Warlord. THE HOLY EMPIRE has better sound, it is more dynamic and in many parts the feeling of the debut album. If these are enough for you, then the album achieved its purpose.

The album begins with the extensive epic ’70.000 Sorrows’ which compacts all the Warlord elements under the greek traditional sounds. Songs like ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ reminds us intensely the old days of the band, ‘Kill Zone’ is undoubtedly the heaviest song of the album lyrically and this because of Giles Lavery’s screamings. The most Warlord guitar riffing lays in ‘Night of the Fury’ and a Greek wind is whiffing in ‘Father’, a song written for Tsamis’ father. A song full of melody and personally speaking is my favourite song of the album. The album closes up with the twelve-minute title track that contains cellos and choirs that dignifies the entire album and it seems to be the most soundtrack-ing song here.

If you embrace the idea that Warlord is «epic metal», as well as advertise themselves and pride, then this album should be listened to, because it is honest and delivers the best way espoused by the band. The truth is that the epic metal, in the form flourished in the last decade with major representatives of the big Manowar, needs new heroes. And Warlord is now ready to take on this role worthily.
Track Listing

1- 70,000 Sorrows
2- Glory
3- Thy Kingdom Come
4- City Walls of Troy
5- Kill Zone
6- Night of The Fury
7- Father
8- Holy Empire


Rick Anderson-Vocals
William J Tsamis-Guitar
Philip Bynoe-Bass
Mark Zonder-Drums



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