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Revenge in Blood
November 2010
Released: 2010, Pure Steel Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

You like completely worn-out clichés and pompous chest-pounding in Heavy Metal? Then look no further. German warriors Warcry have returned among us with their 2nd album - titled REVENGE IN BLOOD, and a war has been declared to be started in the name of true Metal once again.

Warcry´s 11-song new opus continues basically to tell stories about the band´s war saga that has this nice tendency to be humorous, but in a good way - sort of giving them permission to play around with a sackful of purest True Metal clichés, and receiving all the sympathies from people for doing so. Warcry´s tailor-made Omen-meets-Venom-meets-Celtic Frost-meets-early Maiden sounds pretty entertaining indeed - there´s no question about that. The Almighty´s raspy shrieks (sounding a bit like Cronos of Venom and Tom Warrior of Celtic Frost here and there) fit well into the band´s concept of battling for True Metal, making their (blackened) True Metal sound even meaner and more vicious than without them. A song called "Infernal Triumph" is pretty much pure Hellhammer/Celtic Frost worship, to which they also supposedly subscribe - while the album´s opening track, "Pure Force of Steel" could clearly be an Agent Steel song with Cyriis-like high-pitched vocals. Also, do pay some attention to a drum part, starting from 1:56 minute mark. Was´t Lombardo doing the same in "Angel of Death"? ;o)

The more you actually let this vicious beast bite your ankle, the more you start to realize this ain´t the first time you are experiencing these familiar yet pleasing teeth around your ankle. These German warlords´ blackened and Thrash-tinged True Metal has something very familiar in it - and therefore it makes it even harder to ignore them just for the band´s attempts to bring something back from the 80s period of Metal. Despite the band´s humorous aspect regarding their lyrics (check out "Bloody Black Axe" and "The Revenge - True Heavy Metal Trilogy Part III"), the guys don´t seem to take their music too lightly anyway. They do pay lotsa attention to catchy chorus parts that can be heard everywhere on this record. And talking about good choruses that stand out, one of the highlights on this album is a song called "Deathrider", which is an old Omen song taken from the band´s debut album, BATTLE CRY. What makes this song so special, is a guest vocal appearance of George Call - the man behind Aska and currently also lead vocalist for Omen. Both George and Warcry match very well together in this song, like they have been forever in the same band.

Heavy Metal clichés are all good, especially when used cleverly, and without being too dead-serious with them all the time. Try REVENGE IN BLOOD by German Warcry, and feel yourself entertained.
Track Listing

01. Pure Force of Steel
02. In Battle for Vengeance
03. Awakening the Cemetary
04. Bloody Black Axe
05. A Tavern Ride
06. Knights of the Dark Blade
07. Deathrider*
08. The End - Dawn of a New Age
09. Infernal Triumph
10. The Revenge (True Heavy Metal Trilogy Part III)
11. Banshee

* Omen cover


The Almighty - Vocals
The Axeman - Guitar
The Gravewarrior - Guitar
Roaring Thunder - Bass
The Crusher - Drums

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