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July 2014
Released: 2011, Jaus Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

This is our first review of a WarCry album for There are several bands called WarCry this is the Spanish one. To complicate things a little there are two bands called WarCry from Spain and this is the Power Metal band from Ovideo in the North West, not the Black Metal band from Catalonia in the North East.

The Spanish Metal scene has always been quite insular with many of the bands preferring to sing in their native tongue that as inhibited their chances for global exposure and success. As it stand the nation has a strong local scene with hundreds and hundreds of bands but how many bands have made a dent outside of Spain? Mago De Oz, Dark Moor, Baron Rojo, Vhaldemar and a handful of others. Once the fine Spanish label Locomotive label closed the international exposure for domestic acts virtually ground to a halt. I don’t know how or why but WarCry has somehow secured distribution in North American through Universal Music and this is my first introduction to this long-standing band. Apparently WarCry has only one original member and a couple of ex-dudes from Avalanch.

Formed in 1992 this release ALFA is actually a reissue of their eighth album that was released back in 2011. They have has another newer album called IMMORTAL since then. This is an example of the insular nature of the Spanish Metal scene. This band has been around almost 25 years and has nine albums and this is the first time I have had the pleasure of enjoying their music. I considered myself fairly well educated on Spanish Metal with a few dozen Spanish bands in my collection but obviously I know much less than I thought!

All that aside, ALFA is a very fine album. They have planted their flag firmly in the Euro/Power Metal camp. There are also some orchestral and symphonic flourishes in the music as well but very few. The CD is a digipak with a nice 16- page booklet. The cover art is a little dull, there have been many other bands that have a fireball/exploding sun on the front of their albums, but it ties in with the title of ALFA or beginning, perhaps the big bang!

The vocals of Victor Garcia are sung in Spanish but that doesn’t bother me at all. He has a strong voice with good range and is the only original member left. The ten-track offering is a classy and classic, smooth and fast in many places with very strong melodies. There are a couple of slower songs such as ‘Apariencias’ which have a strong chorus and mellower style. There are little bits of acoustic guitar and acoustic piano here and there as well as some nice keyboard work by Santi Novoa on the intro of ‘Ardo Por Dentro’ one of my favourites on the album. ALFA is a strong presentation of speedy Power Metal, with good solos and excellent individual performances. The production is smooth and well done with a good balance to all the instruments.

I don’t know where WarCry stands in the pantheon of Spanish bands but it seems to me based on hearing ALFA that they are one of the better bands in this style. Who knows this could be their worst album, or their worst I have no frame of reference. However, a band doesn’t get to have a 25-year career and record nine albums if they don’t have something to offer. I always feel it is better late than never and I’m glad I have discovered WarCry and if you are not familiar I encourage you to investigate them as well.
Track Listing

1. Alma De Conquistador
2. La Muerte De Un Sueño
3. Cobarde
4. Tan Fácil
5. Recuérdalo
6. Amistad
7. Apariencias
8. Ardo Por Dentro
9. Todo Es Infierno
10. Libre Como El Viento


Víctor García Vocals
Pablo García Guitar
Santi Novoa Keyboards
Roberto García Bass
Rafael Yugueros Drums

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