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War Without End
August 2008
Released: 2008, Century Media
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Simon Lukic

The Thrash revival continues and the latest band to join the fray is Century Media’s newest endeavour Warbringer. Hailing from California their latest effort WAR WITHOUT END – an album title that has so been lifted from Metallica’s “No Remorse”, is a ferocious effort that adds more than a little Sepultura to the usually Bay Area/Crossover influences of late.

With one demo EP ONE BY ONE THE WICKED FALL under their studded bullet belts – pun intended, WAR WITHOUT END should find favour with the new generation of thrashers. Cuts such “Systematic Genocide”, “Born Of The Ruins” and “Dread Command” are intense numbers that feature everything you want this generation of players to embody – the energy, the riffing and a nod to the old school.

As a Thrash fan it’s definitely great to witness the styles resurgence but I’ve yet to be convinced by the new breed because they’re simply rehashing the past. From the imagery – how many more Ed Repka covers do we have to endure? Warbringer to their credit used someone else but it’s still a rather lame effort - to the vintage t-shirts and high tops, these guys may be genuine in their love of thrash but at the moment (I feel) that it’s devoid of a unique spirit. If you were to simply compare WAR WITHOUT END to the latest efforts from either Testament or Exodus you can hear that these two legendary bands have still respected their roots but have managed to sound fresh and relevant at the same time. You may view their old material as timeless and it certainly is, but there is no denying that that these older musicians can still run rings around the younger players. Warbringer may want to celebrate the existence of THE LEGACY or BONDED BY BLOOD but we need to remember that that was twenty years ago and thrash, if it wants to survive and flourish, will need to remain fresh or it will stagnate and fade into obscurity again.

Warbringer have got the right attitude and while it’s not original, WAR WITHOUT END does rock despite what I said above. I however will be waiting to hear how they develop over the next few years and by their third album I’m sure that they’ll be a force to be reckoned with. They simply need to grow out of their influences and discover their own take on thrash. Whatever the outcome, it should be interesting.
Track Listing

1. Total War
2. Systematic Genocide
3. Dread Command
4. Hell On Earth
5. At The Crack Of Doom
6. Beneath The Waves
7. Instruments Of Torture
8. Shoot To Kill
9. Born Of The Ruins
10. Combat Shock


John Kevill - Vocals
John Laux - Guitar
Adam Carroll – Guitar
Andy Laux - Bass
Ryan bates - Drums

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