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Enjoy The Filth
December 2013
Released: 2013, Carnal Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Emerging from the black metal lands of Sweden, comes another filthy specimen of such ghastly extremities, this time, in the form of Wan. This contemporary 3 piece disgusted all with their 2010 debut release album on Abyss records, but certainly not everyone was impressed. With its comically amateurish cover art and highly mediocre black metal revival riffs it’s a wonder why anyone decided to give this band another chance in the form of a sophomore record, but I’m at least slightly grateful that Carnal Records did.

As the record really gets underway with “Pentagram Rockers” and a statement is made that will come to define the record. It may have been unintended, but as vocalist Tsjud cries out “Fuck you all!” he shamelessly announces what a huge influence Carpathian Forest have had on this record; Fuck You All of course being the album title of the sado-masochist’s 2006 album. The fuzzy bass and “recorded in a dungeon” sound of the drums give the album an undeniable grit and filth which actually does each and every track nothing but a huge favour. The record certainly has a constant feel and character throughout, but sadly it is a character that all fans of black metal have heard before. Nevertheless, whether or not Carpathian Forest have actually been able to turn out songs this enjoyable for a very long time is also a point worth considering.

As fun as it maybe for the half an hour it runs for, the lack of originality of this album is almost a little too obvious for comfort. “Northern Brothers” starts off almost like a cover of “Chainsaw Gutsfuck” by Mayhem, and overall, these songs just reek of their influences so much that there’s little room to breathe. The band can be praised however, for managing to produced 13 track that overall create an album that’s varied, with some one minute thrash pounders, and some slow and brutal grinders. What the band has failed to do however is develop their own sound in the three years since their debut, and actually produce a CD that people who already own one good rock n roll influenced black metal album will be even slightly interested in purchasing.

Review by Jarod Lawley
Track Listing

1. Day of Reckoning
2. Pentagram Rockers
3. Swing the Hammer
4. Ni skall dö
5. Helvite
6. Pagan Metal Damnation
7. The Charger
8. Northern Brothers
9. Enjoy the Filth
10. Djevelsang
11. Trollmor
12. Belial
13. Burn


Tsjud- Vocals

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