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Infernal Maze
October 2006
Released: 2006, Twisted Face
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Sometimes it´s better to do things on your own. Tuberculosis, both the owner of a small, independent Finnish label Twisted Face and the vocalist of both retro-thrashers Witheria and extreme metallers Spirit Disease, have put out the debut full-length albums from both of his own bands through the label – and let´s take Witheria´s debut album, titled INFERNAL MAZE, under our magnifying glass first. Prior to this release, the band had released as many as 5 demos in their 7-year old career -- it was about time to get the band´s debut record out.

INFERNAL MAZE, containing 8 songs off which 3 are brand-new ones – and the rest 5 taken from their old demos, is actually a pretty sounding package of retro-Thrash, sung with Death Metal growls and Black Metal shrieks most of the time. There´s not anything particularly new in their songs that you couldn´t have heard before. However, for Witheria´s advantage, it honestly needs to be said the guys sound well-rehearsed and in fact, surprisingly tight on INFERNAL MAZE, offering a trick or two in their furiously thrashing songs that grab listener´s attention quite easily even. Witheria´s 6-string axemen Kusmar and J. Warhead surely know what it demands to make someone´s ass kicked hard. Both of these guys playing are flawless, even phenomenal at times – channeling their ever-flowing energies to air-piercing riffs and heavy, head-hammering rhythms. The guys´ lead work is thoroughly good, too. Even if most of the stuff they sow around the album, tend to sound somehow familiar, kind of borrowed from some other bands´ releases, Witheria still manage to convince enough by their excellence and sort of determination to knock people dead by these 8 songs they have recorded for INFERNAL MAZE. As sort of a proof what was mentioned about Witheria´s ´knocking-people-dead´ -value, just check out a song called “Thrash the Place”. Pretty nice Exodus –worshipping there... awesome! Also a song titled “Mental Sadist” falls into the same category which should put a listener gasping for air for some seconds due to the band´s good sense for things of a bit more thrashy.

Sincere congratz Witheria! I mean, for quite a hell of a debut album of yours. You indeed succeeded to thrash my place... in a positive way, of course! ;o)
Track Listing

01. The Disillusion
02. Hypnotic Massacre
03. Thrash the Place
04. Mental Sadist
05. Hell Is What You Deserve
06. Purification
07. Spiral of Madness
08. Fire and Pain


Kusmar - Lead and rhythm guitars
J. Warhead - Rhythm guitars
Tuberculosis - Vocals
Predator - Bass
Rob Diver - Drums

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