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Within Y
Extended Mental Dimensions
July 2004
Released: 2004, Candlelight
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

You can’t judge a CD by it’s cover. This thing has progressive rock written all over it. The odd, warped perspective cover art, the muted grey/brown cover design and layout, odd name, non-descript song titles, weird album title altogether…so it was a surprise to hear inside was pure Gothenberg scene melodic death metal.

That descriptor will frighten away many potential fans but in this case it is fair and accurate. Within Y are a Swedish band that have the Gothenberg sound down to a science. Now, personally, I love this style and sound but many are growing tired of the many bands who inhabit (they say infect) the death metal scene.

Scene definition and genre labels aside Within Y draw on any number of common reference points (The Haunted Darkane, Soilwork if you need names dropped) and really add very little in the way of innovation or elaboration on admittedly a crowded sub-genre. As said before, I really like this amalgamation of death, thrash and melody and to me it really is the new thrash of the new millennium as so few bands are doing the Bay area or Ruhr Valley sound anymore. This is thrash of 2000+ just faster and heavier.

The lyrics are introspective and quite dark even melancholy, which is slightly at odds with the blistering vocal work and the generally relentless pace. There is some very fluid and tasty solo work on some of the slower songs such as ‘Things’. The production is immaculate, sharp and clear and guitars are nice and loud with good crunch. This really isn’t all that heavy and is quite musical so despite the really screaming vocals the songs are very easy to swallow. I might have liked a little more variety in pace and deliver of the drumming, more fills, maybe more cymbal work instead of working the bell of the ride every song. Those are minor complaints and the short instrumental cut ‘Injection’ broke up the pace at just the right time. I hope to hear more from these guys.
Track Listing

1. Lost In Solitude
2. God In Silence
3. Remains of A Shattered Illusion
4. Things
5. Injection
6. Face Down
7. Behold
8. Silently Leaning
9. Feeble And Weak
10. Sacred Lies





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