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The Black Flame
October 2006
Released: 2006, Century Media
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Arto Lehtinen

The Swedish Wolf is kind of an eccentric band. All their albums have a wide range of excellent reviews. The band have also visited various festivals and toured with several bands that are their idols. But the band hasn’t managed to rise to the bigger leagues to dethrone the countrymates Hammerfall. Of course, there could be plenty of reasons, but at least after getting signed to Century Media, Wolf may have the opportunity to open more and more doors. The fourth output follows the same path of traditional heavy metal that Wolf offered on their three previous albums.

Wolf eats, sleeps, and shits metal in the finest format and THE BLACK FLAME is evidence of this for sure. Wolf haven’t started joking and making themselves clowns with this sort of old school traditional metal. Intead, Wolf outspokenly handle all mandatory and obvious influences with a direct to the face metal assault from 80’s power to speed metal by recycling some parts. They of course add their own sound and trademark to the songs with extreme tight and killer guitar playing. There is also a melodic approach appealing to several die hard and old school metal hearts. Especially the vocalist Niklas Stålvind’s distinctive voice fits perfectly their music. The riffs are pure and occasionally simple, but however catchy riffs capture the interest and ears of listeners. Some of the riffs are so catchy and melodic remaining to repeat the same riffs inside the head, between the ears. For some reason somehow a few parts slightly remind of the mighty Mercyful Fate meets Iron Maiden. Well Iron Maiden could be an obvious reference to point out one of their important influences, but in general Iron Maiden seems to enjoy such a massive success in Sweden and probably every Swede band is influenced by them. Anyway, THE BLACK FLAME is once again a powerful output of pure metal from Wolf and won’t let anyone down. Just put THE BLACK FLAME on the player and rise your fist into the air and start banging your head. Wolf Rules!
Track Listing

1.I Will Kill Again
2.At The Graveyarard
3.Black Magic
4.The Bite
5.Make Friends With Your Nightmares
7.The Dead
8.Seize The Night
9.Steelwinged Savage Reaper
10. Children Of The Black Flame


Niklas Stålvind : Vocals, guitars
Mikael Goding : Bass Tobias Kellgren : Drums
Johannes Losbäck : Guitars

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