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Shattered Mind Therapy
September 2004
Released: 2004, Arise Records
Rating: 3.7/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Hey! Just what we needed, another melodic traditional heavy metal band! Actually, judging by the cover of this disc, you’d never guess that Wiz (retarded name!) played traditional metal, as the cover looks more like something you’d find on an Arcturus or Solefald album. Regardless, Wiz are indeed another entry into this crowded genre, their main claim to fame in having vocalist Freddy Persson and guitarist Jake Freden involved, both of Nostradameus. To their credit, the guys have made Wiz somewhat different than their main band, Wiz being a lot crunchier and grittier and a lot less straight power metal than Nostradameus.

The fact is, you can debate the necessity of this band until the cows come home but what they’ve put to plastic here is quite good and worthy of release. Although the album opens with a galloping power metal song in “Mr. Sandman”, on the whole, the album is much more mid-paced and moody. In fact, in places there is a feeling of downright menace, the band conjuring places that go back to the gothic palaces built by German bands long gone. Sure, like all traditional bands, there are songs that are downright ludicrous – “Super Psychic Woman” anyone? – but on the whole Wiz manage to keep the cheese to a minimum.

OK, so the market wasn’t exactly screaming for another melodic metal band to clutter up things, but Wiz are one of the few bands that actually have some interesting ideas and can back them up with riffs that haven’t been recycled a thousand times before. Trust me, this is actually good stuff and you’d be remiss in passing it over.
Track Listing

1) Mr. Sandman
2) In Your Eyes
3) Super Psychic Woman
4) One Chapter of a Fairytale
5) Sun Moon Stars
6) Down
7) Understand
8) Return of Atlantis
9) Empty Words
10) From the Ashes We Rise


Freddy Persson: Vocals
Martin Karlsson: Guitars
Stefan Lindquist: Drums
Jake Freden: Lead Guitars
Johan Weicht: Bass



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