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Devil Seed
October 2014
Released: 2014, Century Media
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

I do really like Sweden’s Wolf as one of the most ‘true’ heavy metal bands all over the world. Why? They simply play heavy metal without any modern fancy crap and breakdowns seeming like punk –s**t-core band.

Now, the new album, DEVIL SEED is out. At last, after 15 years and six albums, Wolf can see the bigger picture. They show their songwriting skills and they deserve our admiration to them. That’s it!

Since 2000 they have spent almost 15 years for the band and have released six albums, all with the same denominator: the great love that the members have for traditional heavy metal (Mercyful Fate, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath). Having clearly renounced modern trends in metal music, they like to play what some call now “retro” metal (OMG!), a term used by those very sadly mistaken. Loving those bands that gave birth and revealed this wonderful music is not bad. Ugly is adulterating genres in order to prove that you can play metal. This music wants guts and good songwriting skills exuding a macho style that will cripple. Wolf has both. The 11 new songs are all elements that the bands have 20 years and counting back.

In DEVIL SEED, Wolf have kept the style that has been established in the hearts of metalheads, writing songs that do not tire, since in each of them there is no music monotony, but variety and simplicity. Perhaps this is one reason that every effort sounds so good, you do not want to end. Then you hear "I Am Pain" with that oriental melody and King Diamond-esque vocal lines of Niklas, while "Back From The Grave" is a wonderful composition close to American heavy / power style. In "The Dark Passenger" which is not bad but nothing special moment as the slow and recurring theme somewhere tire, while the most dynamic refrain not capable to stir. "River Everlost" and "Frozen" have this crafting that means a lot to me. Both begin with solos and are of those songs that you are get impressed immediately, mainly because of the beautiful melodies and vocals. "Killing Floor" comes close to the ideal drive. The main riff comes after a pretty little semi-acoustic introduction and comes to condense the essence of the whole album, that what we hear what people call qualitative riff-heavy metal.

But I’m convinced there’s only one thing to do. Buy this album, get a beer, pump up the volume and scream along. I absolutely recommend this album to anyone even remotely interested in metal. With excellent production and intensity throughout, DEVIL SEED blows away recent many Swedish and not metal albums clear out of the water…
Track Listing

01. Overture in C Shark
02. Shark Attack
03. Skeleton Woman
04. Surgeons Of Lobotomy
05. My Demon
06. I Am Pain
07. Back From The Grave
08. The Dark Passenger
09. River Everlost
10. Frozen
11. Killing Floor


Niklas Stålvind Vocals, guitars
Anders Modd bass
Simon Johansson guitar.
Richard Holmgren drums


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