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Cold Light of Monday
May 2004
Released: 2004, Elitist Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Uh-oh. We’re in danger of losing another one. After two well-received progressive metal albums in FERVENT DREAM and THE WINDOW PURPOSE, Sweden’s Wolverine is poised to become the next great metal defection, the next Anathema or The Gathering if you will. That is, the band is veering wildly off of the metal highway, dangerously close to taking that final off-ramp into “used to be heavy” status. Maybe they care, maybe they don’t, but in the meantime, there’s the wonderfully titled COLD LIGHT OF MONDAY to consider.

To be honest, the music on this album should not really be any great surprise, because you could hear hints on their previous disc that they’d be going in this direction. That is, more towards the droning, atmospheric, airy, and decidedly not heavy realms of music. That’s not to say that they’ve gone completely lame like Anathema or anything, but they now inhabit the same territory. Songs like opening twosome “Dawn” and “Sarah” are anything but metal, and are almost alternative in sound.

Of course, all is forgiven if the music is actually good, and luckily, for the most part it is. “New Best Friends” is a fantastic combination of both the band’s past and future and features some excellent vocal work by Stefan Zell. The second half of the song also happens to be just about the heaviest part of the album as well. Of course there are also songs like the completely useless “Tightrope” which is little more than an ambient noise track, serving no definite purpose to these ears.

There are some sure-fire gems to be unearthed on this disc, no doubt, but for the most part I can’t see too many metal fans fully embracing Wolverine in 2004. It’s a shame really because some of these songs (“Carousel” for example) are truly great and have much to offer, but a good part of the album will simply turn off most listeners. Not what I had hoped for, but not too bad either.
Track Listing

3)New Best Friend
8)Red Canvas
10)Tied with Sin
11)The Final Redemption


Stefan Zell: Vocals
Mikael Zell: Guitars
Per Broddesson: Guitars
Thomas Jansson: Bass
Andreas Baglien: Keyboards
Marcus Losbjer: Drums/Vocals

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