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Wolfs Moon
Unholy Darkness
October 2008
Released: 2008, Pure Steel Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The German heavy metal soldiers, Wolfs Blood, hailing from Helmstedt, Lower Saxony, have a relatively long history as a band already. The band was formed in 1992 already have released 5 full-length albums prior to their latest album, titled UNHOLY DARKNESS, which a German true metal label Pure Steel Records have now churned out from their headquarters.

The storyline on UNHOLY DARKNESS, is based on the vampire Kayne and his sister Seline, who go to fight against evil foes like the ´Earl of Destruction". Musically, this foursome Wolfs Moon keeps things to the basics, trusting the power of good ol´ heavy metal magic, and trying to do their best with the ingredients available in heavy metal in general. What I found positive about their stuff on UNHOLY DARKNESS, is that these guys prove that there's no necessity to use keyboards for a thicker and more atmospheric sound if you can live without the keyboard presence. Wolfs Blood prove it more than well with their 11 songs on their latest record; this is a thick, beautifully ´80s-tinged, meaty and catchy heavy metal record that is surely plain honey and syrup to many of our ´old timers´ ears at least.

Wolfs Blood´s songs vary from a pretty fast-paced stuff to slower, doomy and even epic type stuff, nailing their sound, however, around the basic yet necessary elements of heavy metal. Listening to Wolfs Moon´s performance on UNHOLY DARKNESS, one is able to spot tiny pieces from early Running Wild, Grave Digger and let´s say, hints from Iron Maiden, in their somewhat safe and familiar metal crusade on UNHOLY DARKNESS. Carsten, who´s the vocalist of the band, doesn´t probably belong to the so-called ´hottest elite´ of heavy metal singers with his partly monotonous vocal performance on the album, but I think his voice still fits kinda well into the band´s uncompromising masterplan to play ´80s-rooted heavy metal in their tight, black jeans and wearing Manowar, Overkill, Nevermore, Seven Witches, etc. T-shirts. There´s lots of good things going on in their music, even if one cannot deny either this type of stuff has been churned out many times before. But in spite of that, Wolfs Moon know their metal and UNHOLY DARKNESS comes out as a very decent effort from the Wolfs Moon camp after all. A song called "Hallowed Moonshine 9:99" kicks your teeth in especially due to a straight and aggressive nature of the song. More of this type of ripping, armor-clad heavy metal - thank you!

Yep, if you were wondering, Wolfs Bloods middle name is "heavy metal is the law..." ;o)
Track Listing

01. Killing Kayne
02. Unholy Darkness
03. Necrocity of the Damned
04. Underworld Warrior
05. Paradise of Immortal Shadows
06. Prayers for the Storm
07. Wicked Testimony
08. Soultaker
09. Deliver Me from Evil
10. Hallowed Moonshine 9:99
11. Hell-Headbanger


Carsten Pasemann - Vocals
Gerd Simson - Guitar
Marco Dammann - Bass
Andreas Rinke - Drums

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