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PROMO 2004
June 2004
Released: 2004, Self-released
Rating: 4.3/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Espoo, a neighbor city of Helsinki, seems to be a new promise land for a high quality metal here in Finland nowadays. Witheria hails from Espoo, featuring 5 relatively ambitious yet very talented musicians whose main purpose obviously is to shred a listener to thousands of pieces by the fury of their blackened thrashing Heavy Metal mayhem, I suppose.

As a short background info for Witheria, 3 of the guys used to play in some unnamed (!) Black Metal band before, but soon got tired of playing that style and moved on writing more complex and challenging Thrash –orientated material. The band´s current vocalist under a nickname “Tuberculosis” entered in at that point as a fourth member. In that musical switch to more a technically playing metal band, the guys also took a name Fallout for themselves in 2000 and recorded their 1st ever demo in the mid of the year. Next year the band was changed again due to another band with the same name. Witheria was born and the rest can be considered as history...

This promo which I received from the band a while ago, contains only 2 songs (“Hell Is What You Deserve” and “Through Fire and High Water”), but these two particular songs in question should certainly convince a listener about a true sparkling talent of these guys´ ability to write ear-catching tunes more than well enough. Both of the songs are mostly heavily Thrash Metal –orientated songs played with a really technical touch. What is still left from the guys´ Black Metal background, is Tuberculosis´ shrieking type Black Metal vocals that fit amazingly well into a middle of the battlefield of chords as its own separate instrument. Tuberculosis´ vocalism falls a bit somewhere between Petri Lindroos of Northern and Alexi Laiho of Children of Bodom style-wise even if one can hardly claim he´s imitating one of those voices without getting caught red-handed straight in the act from a crime scene. Take this, however, just as some sort of a reference just giving you a bit of clue from his voice.

Musically, if I keep on analyzing a specific style for Witheria a bit more accurately, the band mixes really damn nicely elements from a technical, blackened Thrash Metal (as I stated earlier already...) into favorable fields of melodic yet very harmonious elements of Heavy Metal, even spicing their highly skillfully played metallic approach with hints of a modern-day Black Metal, so I think you should already be tempted to check them out by now. Are you?

But there´s simply no doubt, these two songs in question on Witheria´s absolutely nerve-licking, ear-teasing and ass-kicking promo-CD sound as ready package as one can sound, ready to land a record deal with a record company, starting counting from this very moment on. If they don´t get signed by a true bombastic potentiality of these 2 particular songs on this promotional ´candy´, something simply MUST be totally wrong in today´s world! FUCK THE WORLD of injustice then...!!

Witheria are yet another fine yet amazingly talented metal combo coming out from the current Finnish underground metal scene and it´s just a matter of time when they´ll be snapped by some label, ears for a quality metal. Just wait and you´lll see it happening... most probably even real soon!!
Track Listing

01. Hell Is What You Deserve
02. Through Fire and High Water


Tuberculosis – Vocals
Kusmar – Lead and rhythm guitars
Hardon – Rhythm guitar
Rob Diver - Drums
Skeletor – Bass

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