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April 2009
Released: 2009, Agonia Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The Polish drunken, sexy and dirty war commanders Witchmaster have returned with their 4th full-length album titled TRÜCIZNA (standing for poison) hidden behind their army vests. Witchmaster´s self-titled 3rd album was released as long time ago as in 2004, so one could rightfully say: “It's about time…”.

On TRÜCIZNA, these Polish guys´ goal to make a raw, filthy and aggressive, rock-ish black/thrash metal is well accomplished. The band has pushed through with their black/thrash concept for many years already (Witchmaster was formed in 1996), and with TRÜCIZNA, Witchmaster make no exception to that rule either. TRÜCIZNA spits slime, blood, venom and all things filthy straight on its listener´s face, feeling guilty about nothing and just sounding like a perfect wholeness for keeping a perfect company for some wild and relentless booze orgies. They actually sound like Venom going wild and playing most of their songs at 45 rpm, offering a pretty juicy and crazy listening experience for anyone who dares to touch them. They do sound old school, black thrashing rock´n ´roll madness – just like they have described themselves to sound like. They have also covered one of Sepultura´s most covered songs, “Troops of Doom” for this album, which has stayed quite truthful to the song´s original version. I must say a relatively good call from them all in all, as sort of a ´troops of doom´ they can also be considered for a good reason, based on their own whole musical concept and everything else around it, too.

Witchmaster´s TRÜCIZNA are nothing new on the fields of blood and annihilation, but they surely are lotsa fun – and not recommended for booze-filled nights only, but for an extended play as well.
Track Listing

01. Trücizna
02. Self-inflicted Divinity
03. Total Annihilation
04. Road to Treblinka
05. Two-point Suicide
06. Bred in Captivity
07. Black Scum
08. Troops of Doom*

* Sepultura cover


Kali - Chainsaw noise and scream
Bastis - Vomit war
Reyash - Bulldozer bass attack and scream
Inferno - Coffin devastation and blasting

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