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With Faith Or Flames
A Conquest Triumphant
January 2009
Released: 2008, Stand And Deliver Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

With Faith Or Flames hailing from Chattanooga, Tennessee bring forth the band’s sophomore effort with A CONQUEST TRIUMPHANT. Melodic guitar leads open the disc quickly on “Continuum” followed by the throaty vocals of vocalist Ian Sharp who fronts fronts the ensuing fray of blastbeats, melodeath guitarwork and metalcore breakdown bits.

First thing you should know up front is whether or not metalcore is your deal and it certainly isn’t mine, With Faith Or Flames are insanely talented at what they do. Sufficient soloing and leadwork capabilities are demonstrated from the tandem of guitarists Eric Weatherford and now former member Trevor Degaine. I dig the oldschool hardcore punkrock vocal phrasing on second track “Power Of The Morning Star” it reminds me a lot of early Battalions Of Saints like “My Minds Disease”

“Heir To The Viking Throne” begins with sweep arpeggio runs and blasting double kick drums. There are some interesting percussive accents thrown about for good measure and some intense stereo trade-offs from both guitarists that is hard to describe in writing but happen between the 00:53 and 01:01 mark of the track.

“The Vagrant Dead” sounds much like older death metal initially but come chorus time is shifts to another realm with some core vocals and mosh breakdowns. Kind of an odd track. The album’s title track “The Conquest Triumphant” is mid tempo, anthemic in nature and the vocal phrasing fits the riffs like a glove. As talented as the guitarists and drummer Andrew Core is, I wish I could hear bassist Eric Collins a little more in the mix.

Other standout tracks include the frantic “Helegian Dialect (Synthesis)” and album closer “Nemesis Enforcer” a track that puts the “flames” in With Faith Or Flames. Overall an enjoyable disc for fans of the genre.
Track Listing

1. Continuum
2. Power of the Morning Star
3. Bending Space and Time
4. Heir to the Viking Throne
5. The Vagrant Dead
6. The Conquest Triumphant
7. Hegelian Dialectic (Thesis & Antithesis)
8. Hegelian Dialectic (Synthesis)
9. The Abomination
10. Nemesis Enforcer
11. Untitled Track


Ian Sharp - Vocals
Eric Weatherford - Guitar
Trevor Degaine - Guitar
Eric Collins - Bass
Andrew Core - Drums

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