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March 2006
Released: 2005, Black Lotus Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: MetalChick

It’s not everyday you hear of metal bands from places like Greece, a country not exactly synonymous with metal, but Wolfcry calls that their home and they uphold the heaviness of true power metal. WARFAIR is their third album, and a fairly strong one at that. The riffs are crushing, and coupled with the keyboards it makes for some solid, spine-tingling tunes.

I hear lots of Rhapsody in many of the songs, what with the dramatic symphonic undertones, as well as that Middle Ages warrior type feel. Not to mention the occasional voice over, though certainly not as cheesy as one might find on Rhapsody’s DAWN OF VICTORY, for example. The production has a rough, classic sound that reminds me a lot of Theocracy or old Iced Earth stuff. The roughness does good to boost the crunch of the guitars and bass.

The one major downfall of WARFAIR (and perhaps Wolfcry in general) is the vocals; they’re weak. It’s like he doesn’t put anything behind his voice to give it any strength or power, something these heavy songs deserve to make them complete. At least he’s on key, but at times it can really take away from the music.

I think with these tight, well-structured and full-fledged songs, and some tweaking in the vocal department, Wolfcry can really put their home country on the metal map. They deserve to be welcomed with open arms.
Track Listing

1. Once Again...
2. ...Here We Are
3. Hesitant Gathering
4. Honored Expedition
5. The Mirror Mask
6. Semper Casta
7. On the Edge
8. Fatal Conflict
9. The Pledge
10. 6 Must Die
Bonus track: Enola Gay


Costas Hatzigeorgiou - vocals
Simos Kaggelaris - guitars
John B. - guitars
Sypros Triantafillou - bass
Nick "Peper" Zanninello - keyboards
Andreas "The Wizard" - drums

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