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October 2005
Released: 2005, SPV
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Evil Rocker

WIZARD is a true metal band from Germany who I have had the pleasure of seeing live. Incorrectly labeled as the German MANOWAR (see MAJESTY for that), this is a different incarnation of the band with the loss of guitarist Michael Maass. Around since 1991, WIZARD is a "B" band amongst the traditional metal assembly from Germany, although they have put out some great albums, most notably "Head of the Deceiver" (2001). The track "Defenders of Metal" still stands up there among best metal anthems of all time.

This album was billed as, "True Power Speed Metal, faster, harder, with exciting melodies…" Well, technically speaking it has some of these elements interspersed through the 59 minute CD, but unfortunately none of it ever seems to come together at one time. No question that this is a true metal album, fast paced, and potent. But it is relegated to the "I've heard it before and heard it done better", even by WIZARD themselves. This album is more difficult to digest than the two previous albums because it does not seem to flow as well. It is aggressive and fast. The vocals sometimes wail reminding me of Michael Sweet (STRYPER) and the guitars often seem sterile.

It is not a total bust and in fact gets better as the album progresses. Around track 8 "Circle of Steel" I find a notable improvement in material, carrying over to the end, including the slower finale "Don't Say Goodbye".

In summary, WIZARD is a solid band but this album is an overall disappointment. They can do much better.
Track Listing

Enter the magic circle
Fire and blood
Call of the wild
Death is my life
On your knees
Circle of Steel
Warriors of the night
No way out
The magic goes on
Don't say goodbye


Sven D'Anna - Vocals
Dano Boland - Guitars
Volker Leson - Bass
Soen Van Heek - Drums

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