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Power Within
April 2002
Released: 2001, Black Lotus
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Spain, Italy, Greece and Brazil are the hot spots for traditional heavy metal on the planet right now. Wolfcry is a band from Greece now entering the classic metal sweepstakes.

The Black Lotus label is rapidly making name for them-selves, internationally and hopefully Wolfcry will add to their reputation as a quality label. As always the quality of the CD and packaging is very good, lyrics, photos notes etc…and a great cover quite unique and very attractive with the superimposed images. If you look closely there is a lot going on in the artwork detailing other worlds.

How much you like lyrics with fantasy themes will determine your pleasure of listening to and reading these lyrics. Some say that the whole fantasy / D&D themes are unoriginal but if you have imagination and take the time each and every band offers something different in their lyrical approach. Song titles like “Lonewolf’s Destiny” and “The Fate of A Lonely Bard” may cause some cynics and critics to laugh but I thought they were quite inspiring and are excellent narratives.

Musically Wolfcry meet every basic requirement in my mind for an excellent hour of classic traditional heavy metal, strong interesting songs. I do have a criticism, I didn’t like the guitar tone, too high, too clean, not enough chugging riffs or heavy distortion.

They employ a very sweet clean guitar tone which is Ok when it comes to soloing but in the whole song? It could have been heavier. The drums and bass are adequate, nothing really stands out but as with many bands in this genre the caliber of playing is quite high. The bar has been raised so high that it is difficult to compete in this ever-growing style.

As I mentioned before Wolfcry are from Greece and have a number of guest stars on their CD which only serves to illustrate the depth and quality of the Greek metal scene even if these names are not immediately familiar to North Americans. However members of Moongleam, Verdict and Dark Nova all play a minor part in the creation of the music.

If you are just getting into this style I might recommend something a little more mainstream with more contemporary, critical acclaim. You will have to figure out who that is yourself. If you are like me and have a passion for melodic metal, (Euro-metal, power metal, whatever you want to call it) and wish to seek out the finest lesser known in the genre, you would be well advised to seek out Wolfcry. It is a nice addition to the collection of any die-hard fan interested in other metal scenes besides the US, Sweden and Germany.
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