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May 1999
Released: 1999, Necropolis
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Nathan Robinson

"Heideeeee Heidooooo Heida…Heideeee Heidooo Heida…Heidee, Heido, Heida ha ha ha ha ha ha Hei …(insert record scratching)…aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" If you can figure out this nonsense, then you know this as the immortal intro to Accept’s "Fast as a Shark"! And if you couldn’t figure it out, then you now know it as "Nathan Robinson’s Poor Attempt at Translating the Intro to Accept’s ‘Fast as a Shark’"! You see, what we get here on the new Witchery EP is four cover songs and three originals. "Fast as a Shark" appropriately opens the EP, and for the moment Toxine becomes Udo Dirksneider! While listening to this you have to think twice…is this Toxine, or did they bring in the real Udo to do the vocals? He sounds that close! Following this are covers from Wasp ("I Wanna Be Somebody"), Judas Priest ("Riding on the Wind"), and Black Sabbath ("Neon Knights"). Great covers, but I think they should have done a speed metal version of Sabbath’s "Black Sabbath" instead. (Close your eyes and think for a minute about this…I think it could be done!). Although I must say that Toxine’s vocals don’t really fit sometimes during these songs.

"Witchburner" was actually recorded prior to their debut album "Restless and Dead". The three originals contained herein sound rougher than the debut, and not quite as catchy. But they still rattle my bones! "The Howling", also found on the Japanese version of their debut, is just pure graveyard speed metal! And "The Executioner", aside from the vocals, could have easily been on a Slayer album! The title track is also filled with much adrenaline, and is the highlight of this EP, thanks to some great riffage straight from the haunted soul of Jensen.

Witchery need to film a video for one of their songs, with Ben Wrangle on vocals, and four other skeleton dudes thrashing away in a cemetery. For best results, buy this nice little digipak CD now, and lock it away until Halloween 1999!

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