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August 2012
Released: 2012, Metalhit
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Hailing from California, Witchaven have just finished a gruelling tour, making a racket across the states with Speedwolf promoting their debut full length “Terrorstorm”

At a first glance at their logo and promo shoots it is clear from their aesthetics that the band represent a preservation of the traditional approach to thrash. Diving into the album, i couldn’t be more right. The opener A.D.D fades into a full thrash battery reminiscent of the German masters Kreator, Destruction and Sodom with enough thrash beats to make Dave Lombardo proud. The overall album maintains this vibe, packed with riffs and with songs that do great in maintaining their intensity.

While mainly a pure thrash album, there is a slight tinge of black metal in some sections from the guitar parts (apparently the band originated as a Venom tribute band, it shows). The vocals also have a blackened edge to them but more akin to Sodoms particularly aggressive approach.

The album pummels along with its fury and pissed off sound directed at political affairs with excerpts of news reports concerning 9/11, globalism and a tongue in cheek report on meth addicts holding a baby hostage scattered throughout.

Also worth pointing out is the production; the guitars are fairly treble ridden and crunch, giving a black metal feel but still fairly well produced yet savage edge with a slightly modern touch with a crisp triggered bass drum.

While not innovating or going against the grain it is clear that Witchaven put aside progressive wankery and instead conjure an ode to old school thrash with balls that packs a real bite that wouldn’t sound out of place if they were thrashing several decades ago.

Overall an enjoyable, solid release (also makes great drinking music!) give it a spin and get fist pumping. Vey easy listening and digestible with its short length too but perhaps could do with more variation with more distinction between the songs like black//thrash bands like Aura Noir and Destroyer 666 have done so well.

For fans of: Sodom, Slayer, Absu, Coroner, Kreator, Aura Noir, Destroyer 666, Venom

Review by Jesel Gohil
Track Listing

01 - A.D.D.
02 - Terrorstorm
03 - Black Thrash Assault
04 - Absolute Profit
05 - No End in Sight
06 - Conflagration
07 - Ardent Lust
08 - Dawn of the Unholy
09 - Empty Chasm
10 - Unholy Copulation


Henry Montoya - Guitars/Vocals
Erik Sneve - Lead Guitar
Mark Ryder - Bass
Lerby Sanchez - Drums

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