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Wishing Well
Chasing Rainbows
January 2016
Released: 2016, Inverse Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Wishing Well have went for that nostalgic hard rock/metal sound that warms the heart and sedates the brain. The Finnish quartet that boasts the vocal talents of Peter James Goodman (Conquest, House of Mirrors) looked back to a style of music that mesmerised and enchanted those that consumed it between 30 and 40 years ago to bring them inspiration for Chasing Rainbows, their introductory offering of cool and casual melody driven music. The band encountered some early recognition with the release of their first single Hippie Heart Gypsy Soul which had the benefits of containing the guest vocals of journeyed vocalist Graham Bonnet (Rainbow, Michael Schenker Group, Graham Bonnet Band) which opened up a platform to launch the band off to a good standing.

With this hint of recognition Wishing Well were set to take aim and fire into the mass void of consumable music and with a resurgence of sorts in the hard rock camp it was as good a time as any to make a stake their claim of the spoils. The band however aren't bringing anything unique to the table. There is a good utilisation of different styles where they blend this hard rock sound with power metal styled formations such as in Science Fiction and Wishing Well obviously know a thing or two about harmonies and creating flowing melodies as songs like I'll Never Let Go illustrate. There is just this feeling that they have played the safe card a little too often and haven't wanted to push many boundaries with their abilities.

If you were to break down the individual elements, it would hard to find many negatives. Goodman's vocals are strong and his technique is well developed which serves as a good focal point for the songs. The guitar style is well executed but fairly standard. It may not really be fair to be looking for something intense and electrifying as the band has went for a style that is specific and overall simplistic. It's songs like Sacrifice that really let the band down in terms of using heavily recycled guitar riffs that really bore the living daylights out of you. It isn't all doom and gloom of course as the next song Luck Is Blind kicks in and you hear a bit of individuality there, an apparent style or pattern emerges. Like the opening track Chasing rainbows there's that rolling, bouncing rhythm that inspires an urge to keep listening and it oozes a sense of character.

No doubt that Wishing Well will stick to their guns with this style as they feel passionately about the music and bands that preceded them. It was probably never in their intentions to bring something wildly original to the table and if anything, this album serves to be another addition to the existing surplus of quality hard rock music. There is nothing too wrong with this album and it will fit within the likes of a certain demographic, just don't expect something to blow your marbles and rock your existence to the core. Safety first is the mantra that sums up this album so if you like to be buckled up with a nice shiny helmet safeguarding your precious cranium then Chasing Rainbows may just be the album for you.

Track Listing

1. Chasing Rainbows
2. Science Fiction
3. Hippie Heart Gypsy Soul
4. Sacrifice
5. Luck Is Blind
6. I'll Never Let Go
7. Sands Of Time
8. Holy Mountain
9/ Fire In My Soul


Vocals-Peter James Goodman
Guitar-Anssi Korkiakoski
Bass-Richard Becker
Drums-Rip Radioactive

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