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May 2012
Released: 2011, Soundholic
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

It’s a bit of an oversight on my part that we haven’t reviewed a Wisdom album yet! Although a friend introduced to this Hungarian Power Metal band in early 2011, and they made my Top 100 on my radio show, but for whatever I haven’t written a review until now. JUDAS is the second full-length album by this quintet from Budapest and they have some huge momentum. Opening shows for Heaven And Hell, Judas Priest, Doro, UDO, Helloween and Iron Maiden, shooting videos, record labels scrambling to pick them up... these guys are going places! Apparently, Noiseart is going to reissue this album in the summer of 2012 so I thought I go back and discuss this fantastic record that was originally released in Japan on Soundholic (as I write this) almost one year ago to the day.

WISDOM has an uncanny knack for writing catchy songs with huge sing-along choruses. Every song is very memorable with big-back-up gang vocals on the choruses, like Hammerfall and others. The back-up vocals are deeper while the higher lead vocals of Gaby. Nagor Gaby is new to the band replacing Istavan Nachladal who sang on the debut and the first couple of EP’s. I can’t judge if the vocals are an improvement or not as I haven’t heard the earlier material but obviously the band thinks so. Gaby’s vocals are clear and his powerful delivery is full of emotion and passion.

JUDAS follows a conventional True Metal template in the execution of their songs. The basic, minimal (mandatory!) components for a solid Metal album are all in place; fast drumming, lots of blazing solos, good thick, meaty Metal riffs and of course powerful vocals of NG. The production is fine, a nice mix for all the instruments. Mats Leven drops by for a guest vocal slot on the final cut, ‘the title track. This band lots going for them, including a good-looking package and presentation with the masked lead singer, a cool mascot, and lyrics based on Hungarian mythos. They also have an interesting quirk of putting a famous quote into the lyrics of each song.

JUDAS is a pretty much a flawless Metal album. Stellar individual performances, they look good, sound good, they are fast and powerful (check out the raging tune ‘At The Gates’) with just enough flair to keep it interesting such as hints of acoustic guitar, some sound effects and the aforementioned massively catchy choruses. You can just see entire stadiums singing these tight, anthemic songs in ecstatic unison. If you missed JUDAS last year be sure to check out the reissue in the summer of 2012.
Track Listing

1. Fallin' Away from Grace
2. Somewhere Alone
3. Age of Lies
4. Live Forevermore
5. Wander the World
6. Heaven and Hell
7. Silent Hill
8. At the Gates
9. The Prodigal Son
10. Judas


Crossfader Vocals
Zsolt Galambos Guitars
Gábor Kovács Guitars
Máté Molnár Bass
Balázs Ágota Drums

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