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The Harmonic Passage
July 2015
Released: n/a, Indie
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

I just love all these Rhapsody-inspired bands, I can't get enough of the sound! Naturally Winterage is right up my musical alley.

Yes, Winterage is Italian and yes, they play super fast neo-classical, symphonic Metal, so they are an automatic winner in my book. Even the album cover fits the template with a picture of a warrior (?) of sorts facing a Stargate leading to another dimension. THE HARMONIC PASSAGE is the sextet's debut album and they have all the right moves; speed power and overplaying in abundance. Starting with a huge and majestic swirling intro, the band heads off to the races, ripping through the stratosphere, spearheaded by blazing violin solos courtesy of Gabriele Boschi. Through layers of orchestration, symphonic parts, soaring soprano vocals, all nicely arranged, you have some pretty dense music. The band does mix the tempo and style slightly but for the most part it is fast and clean-burning Power Metal to the 10th degree.

'Son Of Winter' is a beautiful ballad that could easily fit into a movie score and 'Victory March' sounds just like that, a march opened by a military style drum beat and lots of brass horns open the start of 'Crown to The Crowds'. There is a lot going on in this album and it may take you a while to digest all the different components. I would have liked to see the gang vocals maybe mixed a little more upfront to give them some more power and perhaps have the guitar compete with the violin as a lead instrument a bit more often but other than that, this album is largely excellent. A commendable and promising debut tempered only by the fact that there are literally hundreds of these types of bands and it is a big battlefield out there; the struggle to get noticed is fierce. I hope these guys make onto a label and get some more exposure.
Track Listing

1. Ouverture in do minore
2. The Harmonic Passage
3. The Flame Shall Not Fade
4. Wirewings
5. Son of Winter
6. La caccia di Tùrin
7. Golden Worm
8. Victory March
9. La grotta di cristallo
10. Crown to the Crowds
11. Panserbjørne
12. The Endless Well
13. Awakening


Daniele Barbarossa Vocals
Riccardo Gisotti Guitars
Dario Gisotti Keyboards, Whistle
Gabriele Boschi Violin
Matteo Raganini Bass
Davide Bartoli Drums



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