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Wine Spirit
Fire in the Hole
January 2006
Released: 2004, Sacred Metal
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: MetalChick

These guys are stuck in the 80s. And I mean stuck. Not only do they have the look of leather jacket over bare, hairy chests, tight pants and pointy-toed boots, but the music sprouts directly from the likes of Aerosmith, early Iron Maiden, and Kiss. This Italian trio has brought the classic metal to the present day, and just might be good for those that haven’t progressed from that era either.

They start out with “Catch 22,” a pretty lame track for a first impression. Hearing it for the first time, I was really doubting that this band would be worth my time. Track two, though, “A New Mankind,” finally shows some substance. The vocal melodies are for the most part good, and as a whole, they’ve stepped out of the cheesy classic rock bubble for a bit.

They go back and forth from lame to cool, “Leap in the Dark” being one of the cool ones. The guitar isn’t so boring and basic, and the vocals again have a more melodic purpose. What impresses me about this band, though, is the guitar solos; he truly does have talent and could probably come up with some killer riffs if he put that shred skill to more use. They have the ability to write some nicely structured songs, but don’t always utilize it.

The lyrics are quite simply bad. I can’t really describe them, but the song “(She’s a) Regular Boogie Woogie” speaks for itself. There are quite a few songs about rock n’ roll, typical of metal twenty years ago.

After awhile the album gets boring, as the rest of the songs are all of the same formula. They do try their hand at a ballad, “Sailing Ships,” starting off with an acoustic section, then rocking it out slow to the end. It fails to get my interest, as the album has already run out of gas.

For people still into 80s metal, check this out. Those of us in the 21st century should pass it by.
Track Listing

1. Catch 22
2. A New Mankind
3. Hide & Kill
4. Leap in the Dark
5. Burnout
6. Go the Whole
7. (I've Got) No Time
8. Midnight Touch (instrumental)
9. (She's a) Regular Boogie Woogie
10. Get it On
11. Sailing Ships
12. Spiagames


Il Conte - Guitars and Lead Vocals
Nail - Drums, backing vocals
El Guapo - bass and lead vocals

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