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Winds Of Torment
Delighting in Relentless Ignorance
August 2007
Released: 2007, Mascot Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Winds of Torment is a new band that won their record deal in a French contest 2005. The band has dedicated their first release entirely too aggressive and fast thrash/death metal that also possesses technicality and many tempo changes. One thing that is especially worth mentioning is the two guitarists, Jerome and Bertrand, because they really add something special to the production and music. Besides electric guitar, they contribute a few acoustical parts that really catch my ear and fits perfectly into the musical landscape.

Amongst the 9 tracks there are two songs which are strictly instrumental – “Of Solemn Emptiness” and “Within The Last Rays”. But when it comes to the material I’m not that positive as I was to the music. Unfortunately the material is quite boring and I had really wished that the guys could have written a little more interesting material. They do have the ability to write good songs, after all there are a few of them on the album, but it seems like they have gotten tired somewhere in the middle of the songwriting process. It feels like they have the potential and the will but don’t know how to put it into words sometimes.

The production leaves also more to wish for and the producer Kristian Kohlmannstehner had definitely needed to take a second time to listen through the production before he had released it. It feels like a low budget production with lead vocals as the only positive thing. If the band gets its production and song writing together, I do think that they can go really far in the future. They sure have the potential and the ability.
Track Listing

Of Solemn Emptiness
Devoid Of Essence
My Daydreams Specters
The Unspoken Pact
The Other
Relentless Ignorance
Swallowing The Ashes Of Guilt
Rules Overload
Within The Last Rays


Bertrand – guitar
Jerome – guitar
Jean-Francois – drums
Alban – bass
Xavier – lead vocals

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