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Winds of Plague
Decimate The Weak
September 2008
Released: 2008, Century Media Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

Based on the abysmal DECIMATE THE WEAK, the members of Winds of Plague must wake up every morning and face an identity crisis not unlike that poor girl Hilary Swank played in BOYS DON’T CRY. “Are we hardcore, symphonic black metal, deathcore or the most ridiculous wiggers ever to don a baggy white track suit and sideways ball cap?” Unfortunately, all these elements come into play on the band’s misfire of a debut album. Had they stuck to one or even two genres, this might have been a tolerable album but as it is, you get Whitechapel duking it out with Hatebreed while Dimmu Borgir gets in a couple body shots for good measure. There are a few interesting moments peppered here and there and many of the suspected clichés are bypassed but to call this a bandwagon-hopping mess is an understatement.

The very cool intro “A Cold Day In Hell” really got my proverbial juices flowing with its regal march and looking at the sword-wielding samurai perched atop a pile of body parts, I was getting into DECIMATE THE WEAK immediately. “Anthems of Apocalypse” mixes symphonic washes of black metal keyboards with clean guitar runs that reminded me of With Passion and really put a unique spin on the whole genre. I could even get past the Whitechapel-esque breakdown that was plopped in the middle. The title track bears a Middle Eastern vibe and death metal fury that will remind many of Nile and “Angels of Debauchery,” with its progressive guitar flourish, shows the band is not afraid to bring in a lot of outside influences. Unfortunately, some of these influences really clash, especially when sharing space in the same song. Gang vocal shouts take over the choruses and almost every song is nothing more than a series of bass-bomb led breakdowns that are strung together. “Reloaded” really hits a low point not just for the band, but for Century Media Records and metal in general with the ridiculous line, “What the fuck is up motherfuckers? This is what it's about, all that 2008 shit.” Yes, this is an actual lyric and all credibility held by the album up to this point immediately gets tossed out the window.

Winds of Plague will probably find its audience with fans into Suicide Silence, Despised Icon, Whitechapel and possibly even Bleeding Through but DECIMATE THE WEAK, as strong as it starts out, ends up being metal at its lowest common denominator. Download a couple of the suggested tracks below but for God’s sake, save your money and let this band die a slow, agonizing death. Decimate the weak, indeed.

KILLER KUTS: “Anthems of The Apocalypse,” “Decimate The Weak,” “Angels of Debauchery”
Track Listing

1. A Cold Day In Hell (Instrumental)
2. Anthems of Apocalypse
3. The Impaled
4. Decimate The Weak
5. Origins and Endings
6. Angels of Debauchery
7. Reloaded
8. Unbreakable
9. One Body Too Many
10. Legions


Johnny Plague—Vocals
Nick Piunno—Guitar
Nick Eash—Guitar
Andrew Glover—Bass
Matt Fineman—Keyboards
Jeff Tenney—Drums

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