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Wind Rose
Shadows Over Lothadruin
September 2012
Released: 2012, Bakerteam Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Italian Power Metal continues to reign supreme with dozens and dozens of quality releases coming out every year. New 2012 albums by established veterans like Elvenking, Rhapsody, Skylark, Thy Majestie, Vision Divine and White Skull are making waves. However, we at are dedicated to bringing our loyal readers information on the latest bands so, accordingly are going to do a quick review round-up of five albums by the following newer Italian bands: Another Destiny Project, Holy Knights, Mirrormaze, Sound Storm, Wind Rose. Please feel free to check out all the bands in this feature.

Wind Rose hail from Pisa, (yes, the town with the tower) and have just independently released their debut album. When a new band can have production and presentation that is so well done for a new act it speaks to the state of the industry and how good a band has to be to catch the ears of listeners. Wind Rose has that level of professionalism that it takes to compete. Their debut album SHADOWS OVER LOTHADRUIN is a very impressive work for a new band.

Although there are 16 songs, seven of them are interludes lasting usually less than a minute, serving as a bridge between songs. The concept album starts with some narration and many of the interludes have narration to the story as well as sound effects, orchestral parts and symphonic components. The album has gorgeous cover art by Felipe Franco and the whole story runs a generous 65 minutes concluding with (naturally) the obligatory 10 minute + epic tune.

As you may have surmised all these elements indicate the trappings of a well-thought out, symphonic, Power Metal album. In terms of originality, the band plays it safe with many of the conventional components, choirs, keyboards, atmospheric, and lots of interesting bits and pieces to accompany the Metal. There is a bit of medieval or folk influence on tracks like ‘Siderion’ with a fiddle opening the track and what sounds like an accordion as well mixed in with the chugging guitars. When the vocals kick in the melody is bouncy and engaging with a gang vocal as well. The album has a good pace but it is not too fast. The band is not quite as bombastic as say Rhapsody or Fairyland but still present many good ideas in the songs. The vocals of Francesco are passionate as he sings in a bit of a higher register and his band mates have lots of good back-up vocals to fill out the songs.

My appreciation for this style is very high and I like concept albums so I rate a band like WIND ROSE quite high because I admire the energy and creativity as they try to draw the listeners into the story and entertain him or her with tales of escapist fantasy. SHADOWS OVER LOTHADRUIN is a very commendable debut.
Track Listing

1. Prelude
2. Endless Prophecy
3. The Tournament
4. Siderion
5. The Grand March
6. Son of a Thousand Nights
7. The Fourth Vanguard
8. Dark Horizon
9. Majesty
10. The Havoc
11. Oath to Betray
12. Led by Light
13. Sacred Fount
14. Moontear Sanctuary
15. Vererath
16. Close to the End


Francesco Fagiolini Vocals
Claudio Falconcini Guitar
Federico Meranda Keyboards
Alessio Consani Bass
Daniele Visconti Drums

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