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Will The Thrill
Sorry To Disappoint Ya
November 2014
Released: 2014, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Six years after the debut “Thanks For The Support”, the North-American band Will The Thrill have finally released the sophomore album “Sorry To Disappoint Ya” with a new lineup under Willie Aguilar’s baton. Easily seen as a hard rock and heavy metal revivalist band, the opening track “I Don't Answer to You” puts us in the 1980s, concretely in Iron Maiden’s “Heaven Can Wait” due to its initial orchestration.

Guitar solos are a constant throughout this new album and the solo presented in this song is a slap on our faces due to its fastness and at the same time melodic shape, as well as in the second track, “She’s An Animal”, which contains a catchy chorus in a more traditional hard rock orientation.

“In Your Wildest Dreams” is one the best songs in “Sorry To Disappoint Ya” in which an initial acoustic guitar presence makes us a travel back to the pop-rock radio-friendly tracks in the 1990s, but it evolves to a some sort of hard rock ballad due to the distortion of the guitars. The theme revolves around first crushes, so combined with a melodic and catchy chorus this song ends to be a nice mellow one.

“Someday” keeps on the path of ballads and we can even feel some Guns’n’Roses because of the echoed vocals in the first stanzas. After this more sentimental section, which is also felt in “Say Goodbye”, the invigorating energy of heavy metal gets back with “Your Worst Nightmare” consisting on ripping guitar riffs followed by a blasting solo which puts on a highway at huge speed.

However, Will The Thrill’s brand new opus also has some downsides like the last two tracks which I feel they are no more than just fillers. “Sociopath” is just a happy-punk song which has no relation whatsoever with the rest of the record and the title track breaks the electrifying rhythm that was created before.

Nevertheless, I must bow to Will The Thrill and Willie Aguilar himself for being so perseverant about believing in his work and art. Without that and without talent, of course, “Sorry To Disappoint Ya” wouldn’t have been done and it’s a cool catch to the hard rock enthusiasts out there.

Review by Diogo Ferreira
Track Listing

1. I Don't Answer to You
2. She's An Animal
3. Better Off Dead
4. Little Miss Treater
5. In Your Wildest Dreams
6. Someday
7. Say Goodbye
8. This Feeling
9. Now It's Broken
10. Your Worst Nightmare
11. Thirst for Your Blood
12. Sociopath
13. Sorry to Disappoint Ya


Willie Aguilar - Vocals, Guitars
Mojoe Murphy - Bass, backing vocals
Tony Pepper - Drums, keyboards, backing vocals

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