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Speed Devil
June 2010
Released: 2010, Escape
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Wildside have taken a pretty ambitious route in the sense that they have chosen to burden themselves early on with a completely unoriginal band name that has been used by many other bands before, including a few active ones! It is important not to judge a band on superficial, less important things like name, album cover, etc. but with a name like this and calling your album SPEED DEVIL, it’s a safe guess what you are going to get.

And what do you get with this Norwegian quartet sophomore effort? A ton of kick-ass, Melodic Metal! The band have some heavy-hitting help from Andy Larocque and Ronnie LeTekro early in their career to establish themselves.

This is a bit heavier than I expected, heavier in fact than Wig-Wam or Absolute Steel for example. Think Motley Crue at their heaviest. Another obvious comparison to the Crue are the vocals of Joachim Bernsten. He really has a delivery and style similar to Vince Neil. This is not a bad thing and normally I wouldn’t bother mentioning it but the sound is very close in this case.

The lead off cut (after a spooky intro) is the driving track ‘Live Forever’ with the catchy chorus ”I will live forever. I am immortal!” A nice dive-bomb solo is a center-piece to the catchy and fun song. Every song goes from highlight to highlight, driven by catchy drumming, the skin-pounder, Ronni Arntzen hammering on the ride cymbal like there is no tomorrow! Buried at the back of the album is the obligatory and well-done acoustic ballad, 'Love For You'. Not a ton of unique compositional skills on display with this batch of party-themed songs but man, do they rock like a hurricane. Great stuff. I’m so glad these kinds of bands exist and keep making fist-in-the-face rock music. Not afraid to have a good time, play solos, sing about girls, generally keeping the spirit alive. Crank it up.
Track Listing

1. Paranoia Circus
2. Live Forever
3. Mine Tonight
4. Play With Me
5. Need To Deliver
6. Wild One
7. Eagle
8. Won't Let U Go
9. Devil In Disguise
10. Always Be Mine
11. Love For You
12. Speed Devil


Joachim Bernsten - Vocals
Tom Grana - Guitar
Jon Aarseth - Guitar
Stain Stensrud - Bass
Ronni Arntzen - Drums



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