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Wig Wam
Non Stop Rock And Roll
March 2010
Released: 2010, Frontiers Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

I’m willing to go on record here. Wig Wam is my favorite, new melodic Hard Rock band. One drunken night back in 2007, a Black Metal loving friend of mine played a song for me. He had just got back from Norway and had the disc on him. He said it belonged to his girlfriend (yeah right!) and let me hear it. He also said it sucks but he thought it would be right up my alley. How right he was! I heard that one single song from their second album, fell in love with the band, and ordered the expensive import. I also went back and bought the debut so when I had the chance to review the new Wig Wam album, NON STOP ROCK N ROLL I jumped at the chance.

Now signed with the venerable Frontiers label (a perfect fit) Wig Wam have delivered their third virtually perfect, melodic hard rock record in a row. Supported by an amusing album cover of the guitarcar, the Double W present another fantastically catchy and fun record. I’d say that this record has more hooks than a fishing tackle box but I’d never reduce myself to spouting such a cliché in one of my reviews. These songs are unbelievably catchy and you find yourself humming the tune after only one listen. They worm your way into your brain like that alien-bug thing from one of the early Star Trek movies.

The band has more flash, fire and guitar bite than the new Danger Danger or the latest House of Lords, both top-notch albums in their own right. Wig Wam have a metal edge to them that even reminds me of the short-lived and equally fun band, Absolute Steel. The vocals soar, the guitars sing, the drums and bass keep the party going. Every song is great but highlights for me include, ‘Chasing Rainbows’, ‘C’mon Everybody’ and the song ‘Wild One’. The lyrics don’t even really make sense but the song is so good it doesn’t matter! If there was any justice, the lead single ‘Do Ya Wanna Taste It?’ would be the #1 rock radio hit across the world. The big harmonized gang vocals just scream top-down, cruising-for-chicks, summer anthem!

I’ve introduced this band to half a dozen friends and they all agree how perfectly this band has captured the spirit, the fun, the delivery, the presentation, sound and song-writing of the best of the 80’s. Wig Wam (with Steel Panther opening of course!) could tour stadiums across the globe, given the chance. NON STOP ROCK N ROLL is just their next step on the way to world domination.
Track Listing

1. Do Ya Wanna Taste It?
2. Walls Come Down
3. Wild One
4. C'mon Everybody
5. Man In The Moon
6. Still I'm Burning
7. All You Wanted
8. Non Stop Rock And Roll
9. From Here
10. Rocket Through My Heart
11. Chasing Rainbows
12. Gotta Get It On (Bonus track)


Glam - Vocals
Teeny - Guitars
Flash - Bass
Sporty - Drums

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