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Splended Deed (re-release)
January 2009
Released: 2008, Bleeding Chainsaw Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

´Teutonic thrash metal´ from the past days when bands like Destruction, Kreator, Sodom, Exumer, Assassin, Minotaur, Living Death, Necronomicon, Angel Dust, Holy Moses and many other combos dominated the German underground speed/thrash metal scene. Wicca - the name that has stayed in some place called ´obscurity´ for most of us for all these years, has finally got the re-released treatment for their one and only full-length album - named SPLENDED DEED, that was originally released in 1989 by a small and independent German label Steps Records. A year after - after a small tour done together with Excruciation and Death in Action, Wicca split up in the fall of 1990 (since then Wicca have reformed and did some live shows in 2006).

The Korean Bleeding Chainsaw Records, which is a sub-label of Nerbilous Productions, re-issued the album with a renewed artwork, one bonus track ("Sad Song", which is only a raw rehearsal track), liner notes, etc. - the album digitally remastered, and I honestly have to say that I´m glad they dug this German thrash gem out of oblivion because this album contains some fine old school thrash (well, what more could you expect from those days?), which will surely appeal to a lot speed/thrash metal fans around the globe.

Wicca plays the kind of thrash that has the decent vibe of such thrash troops as Exumer, Slayer, Vio-lence and especially Exodus in their songs on SPLENDED DEED. The galloping riffs tend to be very Exodus and even Slayer-like (you will agree when you hear "Pull Down the Wall"), solos are mainly short, to-the-point type of outbursts, rhythm changes are simple, but catchy enough - and overall this release reeks of sheer enthusiasm and joy to play thrash straight from the heart. Pädde´s a bit croaky vocal parts remind me of Mem von Stein (Exumer) at times, which cannot be considered a negative thing by any means.

Wicca´s thrash has heavily been boiled in an old school thrash cauldron, and I - for one, am thankful to this small Korean label they have made it possible to make this German, absolutely thrash gem available for any interested parties from all over the world, after all these years. It´s undoubtedly a big cliché to say, but it needs to be spitted out anyway: Long live the US-tinged Teutonic thrash - now and forever!
Track Listing

01. It's Enough
02. Psychic Warfare
03. I.O.U.
04. The End of the Century
05. Splended Deed
06. Mirror Never Lies
07. Pull Down the Wall
08. Speed Thrashing Kids
09. Tormmel Bass
10. Sad Song (bonus track)


Olymp a.k.a. "Pädde" - Vocals
Robby Schmidt - Guitar
Martin Schlegel - Guitar
Angus - Bass
Mario - Drums

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