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October 2010
Released: 2010, Twilight Zone Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

It can never be a bad thing by any means if people talk to each other about the 80s – and especially the eighties Speed and Thrash Metal precisely, right?

The 80s has something truly magical in it when it comes to Metal music in general – and there´s no question that it will always be remembered as that decade of Metal music when certain standards and boundaries were set that sort of ´allowed´ people to judge bands from the forthcoming decades to come against everything that was created during that golden period for Metal, the eighties.

German thrashers Wicca, located from Konstanz, Baden-Württemberg, have been around since 1985, and they have ´only´ released 2 albums during their 25 years of existence (well, they went on hiatus for years, and after that the band was reformed again, around 2007).

BLOODRUSH, Wicca´s 2nd album that was released in April/May 2010, sees the band staying loyal to their roots, counting on a pretty straightforward, raw, tight, catchy, and most importantly very 80s-tinged Thrash Metal that undoubtedly puts the smile back on many people´s face again. Wicca´s stuff is sort of the true manifestation for the 80s Thrash – no more no less. There´s some Bay Area Thrash and some Teutonic Thrash clashing somewhat nicely on BLOODRUSH, actually very much the same way how they already proved their Thrash to sound like on their debut album, SPLENDID DEED, in 1989. Just think something along the lines of Exodus, Slayer, Destruction, Vio-lence, Exumer, etc. – and you have a pretty good clue how they are like. In fact, a more fitting name for their 2nd opus would definitely have been ´thrash-rush (or ´thrashrush´)´ instead of BLOODRUSH, as the songs on this record are a prime example of the 80s Thrash, kind of uniting some of the best sides of both European and American Thrash Metal of those times. Songs like “Sadsong”, “Tongue of Confusion” and “Generations Talk” are all very delicious and frenzied pieces of the 80s Thrash Metal – with great and savage riffs, cool choruses and some sharply lashing guitar leads. Can you really expect more from the 80s Thrash than this? Well, maybe you can, but at least I felt very satisfied with this record and am glad Wicca is back, and even working on their 3rd album already.

Thrash – or get thrashed. Get BLOODRUSH in any case anyway.
Track Listing

01. Hellcome
02. Sadsong
03. Tongue of Confusion
04. Oppression
05. Mega City
06. Disneyland
07. Bloodrush
08. Generations Talk
09. Psychic Warfare
10. Pull Down the Wall


Olymp a.k.a. Pädde - Vocals
Robby Schmidt - Guitar
Martin Schlegel - Guitar
Angus - Bass
Mario - Drums

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