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Symphony For A Hopeless God
June 2015
Released: 2015, Scarlet Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Whyzdom are back! After a few years, the French neo-classical, symphonic Power Metal band are back with their third album, SYMPHONY FOR A HOPELESS GOD. Things seem relatively stable with the band except for yet another change in vocalists. This the fourth or fifth change in lead vocalists for the band over the years but fortunately it is another good change. Relative newcomer, Marie Rouyer is now at the helm of Whyzdom and she does an excellent job. Her range and power are strong as the mezzo-soprano does it all growls to soaring highs. She shows us the true beauty of her voice on the opening section of ‘Eve’s Last Daughter’.

The band is still on Scarlet and all of the musical and sonic elements of the band that made me enjoy their last album (also reviewed here on are still in full force. They employ massive choirs, huge orchestration and just layer upon layer of sound for a dense exciting album. The horns and stings are omnipresent but are well intertwined with chugging Metal guitars. Never letting you forget you are listening to Metal. Highlights include the multi-faceted title track, and my favourite cut the seven-minute long ‘Waking Up The Titans’. The album with an intriguing (but appropriate cover) depicts the theme of the lyrics, namely mankind cruelty and hypocrisy in the name of religion. Fortunately the lyrics do not get too preachy. It is a long album as well, over an hour, with most songs in the six to seven minute range with many big introductions and epic compositions.

Whyzdom, along with other French neo-classical, symphonic groups like Fairyland and Kerion are really starting to corner the market on this powerful sound. SYMPHONY OF A HOPELESS GOD is another top-notch album in this busy and crowded sub-genre.
Track Listing

1. While the Witches Burn
2. Tears of a Hopeless God
3. Let's Play with Fire
4. Eve's Last Daughter
5. Don't Try to Blind Me
6. The Mask
7. Asylum of Eden
8. Waking Up the Titans
9. Theory of Life
10. Where Are the Angels
11. Pandora's Tears


Marie Rouyer Vocals
Régis Morin Guitar
Vynce Leff Guitar
Marc Ruhlmann Keyboards
Xavier Corrientes Bass
Nico Chaumeaux Drums



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