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October 2009
Released: 2009, Dan’s Crypt Records - Suprachaotic Records
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Theis Rytoft

Aaaaarh, stop this, save me! After 7 tracks with almost 25 minutes of an entirely boring voice, I need a break! Fortunately, my break came sooner than expected as the last track made its entrance; definitely earning the “title” as the best musical composition on the album, I end my listening to NAÄT with more peaceful ears.

Whourkr is an experimental band and consists of two members, each with their own (very) special name: Igorrr and -i Snor. On this album Öxxö Xööx (yeah you got that right) perform the vocals for most of the songs as well as guitars. Furthermore this is a re-release as the album first came out in 2007.

The band, being experimental, combines death metal along with electronica to try to create a diverse and unique sound. Further varying their songs the vocals don’t consist of real words but of an actual sound made by the voice. This sound therefore makes it completely impossible to understand the lyrics and supposedly makes me, as a listener, focus on the atmosphere of the songs which works very well.

On the contrary, by utilizing this kind of expression, the voice gets boring as hell and this affects the songs as they, after a lot of listening, still don’t distinguish themselves from each other.

If I take a look at the cover and artwork of the album, I get really interested in laying my ears on the line, ready to assimilate some metal from this band! Unfortunately the band is not capable of making a connection from their musical expression to what the cover presents, which are buildings with a big tree in the middle raising up towards the sky. In front of this tranquil image there are wires, pipes and a plant that seems to be dying. Clearly a statement about ecology, and from looking at their Myspace profile I read that NAÄT stems from “nature.” Why is this not included in the booklet along with a few lines commenting on the songs? That would certainly link the music and cover in a more satisfying way.

As mentioned, the highlight of this CD is the last track which features a really stunning vocals compared to the other tracks! The band also makes good use of mixing the drums with melodic parts during the track.

Aside from this one, track four also pleases me with its gentle melodic start combined with guitars that, after a minute, settles into quick drum kicking but still features semi-slow melodies. Combined with the voice, this track manages to give me associations with a hungry wolf being locked away in its cave or possibly cage where its frustration and hunger are about to drive it crazy. Clearly reminding me of the Fenris Wolf from Norse Mythology, this track proves what Whourkr can do with their way of creating music.

Unfortunately two good tracks don’t save NAÄT and while I like the idea of making music this way and am fascinated by the mix of death and electronica along with the sound of the vocals, it simply does not make me excited and I can’t see myself playing this record in the future.
Track Listing

Yum Nho Naät


Igorrr - Guitars/Drums/Electronics/Mix

Öxxö Xööx - Vocals/Guitars

-i Snor - Vocals on Kruma/Mastering

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