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White Diamond
The Lost Demo`s (1988-1990)
March 2002
Released: 2001, Independent
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Not gonna spend much time on this one. It’s odd, a band that claim (and most likely rightfully so) that is on the verge of being huge in the late 80’s L.A. glam scene. 10+ years founder Jack Michaels dug out this stuff from the vaults and released it as is if to say, “Hey I was almost somebody ten years ago!”

The liner notes describe some of the up’s and down’s of the bands history. It is informative but comes across as a bit sad, trying to recapture lost glories that never really were. I’m sure the band had the time of their lives and the memories to prove it but it is like reading someone’s diary who you have never met. Who cares?

Musically the CD is pretty poor. It has a cover of “My Girl” which is a stupid, not-metal song to begin with. They redo Manowar’s Kings of Metal with full-on Christian lyrics and call it “Man of God”. Don’t bite; it’s a really lame copy lacking all the power and majestic glory of the original. They redo Warrant’s power ballad extraordinaire, “Heaven”, but with some new lyrics. The band claims to have co-written it with Jani Lane. The remaining six songs are mid-tempo AOR mush with little or no passion or conviction. With songs like “American Dreamer”, “Symbol of Love”, “All My Love”, etc… ya get the picture.

The whole thing comes across as a joke, like Fozzy, where they make up this great history but have no proof and fail to provide details. However, we shall give them the benefit of the doubt. A buddy of mine says he thought he remembered reading about a band called Diamond kicking around the bar scene in LA in the late 80’s, so maybe it is all true. Michael swears it is.

If you knew anything about the band, saw them live or were a part of the organization in anyway this will be a cool and nostalgic time-trip for ya. The rest of us who have no clue who White Diamond were (or weren’t) this is pretty lame. White diamond is for the most die-hard, melodic hard rock collectors of 80’s oddities and rarities only. They can’t compete with bands like modern, melodic hard-rock heroes like Ten, Takara and Von Groove. Pass.
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