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Where Victims Lie
Promo 2007
July 2007
Released: 2007, Self-released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The Finnish deathrashers Where Victims Lie have been re-activated again, after almost 4 years in some sort of break for a number of reasons. The band recorded at least a promising 4-song demo in 2003 and received a good handful of overwhelming feedback out from it. After a short while, it seemed like they were unexpectedly wiped away from the face of the earth without a sign or warning.

However, Where Victims Lie have returned to the surface again by recording a new promotional-CD, containing 3 new songs from them. Oddly, the band hasn´t changed a bit musically from the demo that they recorded 4 years ago. The guys still churn out their mean sounding death/thrash metal with good attitude, putting a lot of weight on crushing riffs, catchy hooks and some necessary melodies that make their package quite ready to hit the masses. The carrying force of the band, is undoubtedly the tightly playing guitar duo Jarkko and Simo whose guitar work is admirable in many ways. In fact, the riff fest that these two fellows are able to create, is astoundingly hair-raising at places. A song called “Blood Is Wet. Blood Is Red.” speaks in strong language for Jarkko´s and Simo´s ability to build a firm ground around their songs that of course, makes possible a splendid breeding ground for better things ahead of them.

What they, however, should try to improve a bit, I think the vocals aren´t on the same level with the music. Teijo isn´t that bad as a vocalist; he can indeed growl his lungs out a pretty nasty way even if he is partly guilty for making these rather monotone snarls that simply lack a suitable power that the songs would need badly. Also, a couple of extra leads here and there in between the songs would absolutely improve the overall feature of the band´s sound, so maybe that´s something they might put into a serious consideration with their next release? All in all, Where Victims Lie have already proved that the potential is definitely there for them. If they just keep on pushing hard forward regarding the activities with their new stuff, I´m sure the band won´t be ignored when the time comes for their debut full-length release. Pretty impressive stuff.
Track Listing

01. Turning Sand to Blood
02. Blood Is Wet. Blood Is Wet.
03. Extended Naked Violence


Teijo Hakkola - Vocals
Jarkko Petosalmi - Guitar
Simo Rahikainen - Guitar
Jukka Salonen - Bass
Timo Häkkinen - Drums

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