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April 2006
Released: 2005, Krankenhaus Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Well here’s a find. From the bustling burgh of Oshawa Ontario come four very angry young Canadians (three lads and a lady). Take one look at the name of the band and the album cover and you might think Wetwork is a prog-metal band, but one quick listen to SYNOD will tell a very different story. Crushing death metal is the name of the game for Wetwork, as they have been honing their sound over the course of three albums now. SYNOD is their first for burgeoning indie Krankenhaus Records, and it’s a great album to get the Wetwork name out on an international scale.

As I said, SYNOD is a brutal death metal album, played straight to the bone without many frills. There are no twin leads, no melodic choruses, no metalcore breakdowns, just pure unadulterated death metal circa 1989. It might be a little simplistic compared to the ultra-technical death today, but with Wetwork, the adage less is more definitely applies! One listen to crushing songs like “Heavens Advocate” or “Depths of Greed” and you’ll be thrashing your neck in no time. At the same time, the band does manage to throw in a few extras here and there, such as the fancy bass work on “Crawlspace”.

Oh, and if you’re tempted to label the group as bandwagoners with their whole “female vocalist in an extreme band” thing going on, let me tell you, Kristen “Doc” Parker is anything but a gimmick! Her vocals more than hold their own with any male growler and put a certain Ms. Gossow to shame. In fact her reptilian growl is one of the cooler vocals I’ve heard from a death metal band in a long time.

Wetwork doesn’t reinvent the wheel with SYNOD, but they do add a couple of ultra-sharpened spokes to it. Fans of classic death metal should not miss out on this one!
Track Listing

1) Prea Letum
2) Heavens Advocate
3) Shelter of Hypocrisy
4) Depths of Greed
5) Crawlspace
6) Nature of Redemption
7) Venison
8) Pontious Pilate
9) The Servants of Twilight


Kristen “Doc” Parker: Vocals
Bryan Mallon: Guitars
Chay McMullen: Bass
Chris Mezzabotta: Drums

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