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May 2004
Released: 2004, Self-released
Rating: 3.9/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Young guys from Kiiminki, located in the middle of nowhere in the northern Finland, decided to form a Thrash Metal band in the late half of the 80´s (for being inspired by such bands as Slayer, Exodus, Metallica, Death Angel and the likes) under a somewhat controversial yet undoubtedly provocative named Mengele. The band did an excellent ABOMINABLE THOUGHTS demo in 1989 and 3-track 7-inch E.P. titled SENSELESS EXTERMINATION (on Bad Vucum, also in 1989) under Mengele –name and after a name change to Insomnia, they recorded a 4-song E.P. in 1991 (for Bad Vucum, too) and disappeared from the Finnish metal map for an unknown period of time for good. Or that´s how it seemed to me at least!

But ´never say never...´; Mengele has returned back to the middle of a hotspot of the Finnish underground metal scene once again (without the band´s 2nd guitarist named Lose!) even if this time the first letter from the band name has been turned upside down for quite obvious reasons as the master Satan apparently told them to do so... (Ha!). So the band name is called Wengele from now on, muthafukkers... just try to cauterize that name onto your foreheads permanently ´coz after 13 years of being sort of hiatus, these, may I even say, ´pioneers of Finnish Thrash´, are still able to kick our butts quite a pleasant way indeed. Yes, just listen to this ol´ fart what he has got to say about them!

PI AROUND THE CIRCLE contains, however, 3 new-baked songs from these grown-up ´reindeer riders´ and they have barely changed their relentlessly thrashing musical madness to any more commercial or more acceptable areas of metal genres like becoming every girl´s /or boy´s favorite pets during all these past years. No, I´m glad they haven´t done so; pretty much on the contrary, they have had guts to stick to their well-recognizable old ´80s Thrash –style more determinedly and more devotedly than one could actually expect from them in the first place.

The first song “Pi” is a solidly thrashing piece of the old Mengele –style; relatively fast by tempo, containing some damn nicely churned out riffages, a big fistful of melodies and overall enough variation to keep the song interesting and pleasing for ear all the way through.

Also the next song called “Pity” continues the very same madly thrashing theme musically together with the opening song of this 3-track promo. What I found a bit odd, but definitely a positive thing, having now this huge´n´wide grin in my face, is that the main riff in this particular tune has managed to imitate German thrashers (or what they used to be back in the day!) Angel Dust´s songs “Legions of Destruction” and “Gambler” off their fuckin´ brilliant INTO THE DARK PAST album that was unleashed in the unholy year of 1986 to bless the world of true speed merchants and thrash bangers with yet another great Thrash Metal release. Similarities are surely there and no one can deny them for sure...!! A very cool song from the Wengele –guys, absolutely!

The last song here, “Mind”, is a bit more a slower tempo song, and yes... less ´interesting´ out of these 3 songs on the promo, but that still doesn´t mean the song sucks completely. It does NOT and actually grows up for becoming quite a winner for those people who are after for more melodies in Thrash Metal generally.

I´m glad to see yet another nearly forgotten Finnish Thrash act returning back to the front line of the Finnish metal scene again. It´s a very damn cool thing that (M/W)engele is back... hopefully to stay with us ´til the end of the world this time?
Track Listing

01. Pi
02. Pity
03. Mind


Pulla – Vocals
Keikku – Guitar
Ipe – Bass
Riku – Drums

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