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Vorspiel Einer Philosophie Der Zukunft
April 2015
Released: 2015, Moribund Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Raw, bellicose and cold! That is what comes to mind when listening to "Vorspiel Einer Philosophie Der Zukunft", the debut album by US Black Metal project Wende (reissued by the superb label Moribund).

The mayhem kicks off with "Of War or 'Der Ritter'". Straight away the harsh Burzum inspired tones grasp a vicious stranglehold. Zamiel's vocals vomit forth as though he is possessed. The song's raw harshness, and minimalist ethos feel incredible. Unfortunately the release is let down by the next track, the uninspired ambient instrumental "Of Death or 'Verklarung'". Thankfully order is restored with "Of Truth or 'Nichts Und Schönheit'", a splendid exercise in minimalist dynamics which brings to mind Burzum's classic "Det Som Engang Var". It is followed by the surprisingly pleasant folkish "Of Solitude or 'Dasein'", a welcome mellow interlude. Normal service is resumed with the utterly warped "Of Time or 'Der Ring Des Kosmos'". The album is delightfully concluded with the hypnotic, dreamlike "Of Nature or 'Hercynian'", a wonderful counterpoint to the earlier savagery. It is completely beautiful.

If you enjoy crushing minimalist Black Metal I heartily recommend this release.

Review by Owen Thompson
Track Listing

1) Of War or 'Der Ritter'
2) Of Death or 'Verklarung'
3) Of Truth or 'Nichts Und Schönheit'
4) Of Solitude And The Self or 'Dasein'
5) Of Time or 'Der Ring Des Kosmos'
6) Of Nature or 'Hercyian'


Zamiel - All Instruments



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