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January 2017
Released: 2017, Prosthetic Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Weltesser's debut full-length offers us some rough, crusty and above all sludgey doom metal; big on atmosphere but lacking in memorability. Listening to it I found myself equally thinking of Crowbar's slower tracks and Pentagram's rougher ones. It's very much on the doomy side of sludge, creating thick, turgid swamps of songs. Old-school crushing doom meets rough crust aggression, creating an end product that sounds like a punk frontman giving a sermon in a cathedral. Crestfallen is a dirty, grimey, primordial soup of an album, even reminiscient of Godflesh's debut at times in its atmosphere of bleak hopelessness.

All of which sounds like an outstanding set-up for a slab of solid doom, but the pay-off is where it falls short. Weltesser have their particular sound down well, but ultimately the songs just plod along without ever really amounting to much. "Living to Try" is a perfect example, creating a good atmosphere in the first half, just not doing much with it. When in the right mood it's powerful: "Rats" and "Regret" certainly both have their moments, the former even pulling off a Triptykon-esque swirling mire of doom and gloom, but too often the album just chugs along angrily and ends up dropping what it has worked for in favour of more of the same fairly uninteresting sludge-doom.

Surprisingly for this style the songs are actually not that long: six songs clocking in at just over half an hour in total, most hovering around the five minute mark. While the band might be capable of sustaining longer songs in time, right now this works well, preventing the tracks from outstaying their welcome and going on for longer than they need to.

I can't fault the band on their ability to create the kind of oppressive soundscape they're after, but it's just there for it's own sake. If you're after some rough, crusty doom then this is fine as background music, but that's all it really is.
Track Listing

1. Regret
2. Guide
3. Living to Try
4. Terminal
5. Rats
6. Crestfallen


Ian Hronek - Bass
Nate Peterson - Vocals, guitars
Mike Amador - Drums

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