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Wells, Nick (Director)
Metal Messiah (DVD)
March 2015
Released: 2010, Wind Pixie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

This has got to be the most Metal movie of all time. Metal Messiah is one of a very rare type of film…a fiction film made by headbangers, about headbangers for headbangers. Most Metal films are documentaries. The few, rare Metal movies, that are not documentaries, are usually made by non-Metal fans and usually they suck because of gross stereotyping and inaccurate portrayals of Metalheads and the Metal way.

METAL MESSIAH is an American independent feature film, a comedy no less! and that is not a typo. I’m pretty sure this went straight to DVD except maybe for a few film festivals. The DVD presentation is plain, it has some cool cover art, no booklet. The menus are not easy to navigate through a bit sluggish at times and some functions don’t work. I tried the disc on two DVD players and my computer, so it is not the equipment. The film has a short-ish 86 min run time and comes with a three bonus features; a trailer for METAL MESSIAH, a trailer for a movie called KCOR (an indie, fantasy film which may or may not be real) and lastly a short, but obscenely hilarious, deleted scene from the movie.

METAL MESSIAH tells of the life and times of our hero, Sage Negadeth, and that is not a typo either! The plot is basically about an average Metal guy going to school doing his own thing and trying to make a band. He and a buddy, with two exchange students from Nigeria, form what is supposed to be the world’s most extreme band, Niggerchrist. The band falls apart, Sage meets a Christian girl, makes a deal with the devil, turns his back on Metal, gets persecuted by the local school and religious authority, and other various misadventures.

The movie is hilarious. There are so many dead-on in-jokes and metal references you can’t keep track. Every inch of the movie is loaded with the Metal; props, set-design, costuming, soundtracks, dialogue, all of it straight from the heart of Metal. What makes this movie so enjoyable is not the high quality acting, not the special effects, not even the plot or story. On a technical level based on those criteria, the movie probably isn’t that good, it is a low-budget, independent film. In terms of presentation and subject matter and dialogue, the whole thing had been dipped in a giant bubbling cauldron of molten metal so pure…only the truest of the true can fully appreciate it. On my third viewing I was still catching little subtle jokes or Metal-related references I missed the first couple of times. For example, in the scene where Sage is teaching Sunday school (directing a musical based on the Book of Revelations to impress a born-again girl, naturally), he is wearing an old Trouble shirt. Very clever! From the opening sequence of Sage getting up in the morning and doing his daily routine while singing ‘In Trance’ is brilliant. I have started many days like this!

The soundtrack kills. Best soundtrack is the history of motion pictures, bar none. We get songs from Scorpions, Destruction, Apocrypha, King Diamond, Slayer, Panzergod, and a whole pile of lesser-known bands as well. The original soundtrack is good and the few musical numbers, like the one in the Highschool are fantastic. METAL MESSIAH deserves a place in your film library.
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