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Weird Light
Doomicvs Vobiscvm
July 2016
Released: 2016, Shadow Kingdom Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

France’s Weird Light were a short lived two-man doom troupe that unfortunately never made it past their first and only demo, 2007’s DOOMICVS VOBISCVM. Purveyors of quality doom that they are, Shadow Kingdom Records has not only unearthed the original demo, but found two additional songs recorded during those sessions and packaged the whole shebang together for a full length posthumous debut.

The four tracks are traditional doom of the early Candlemass/Reverend Bizarre/Lord Vicar persuasions – slow moving, sword and sorcery presentation, and warnings to be heeded of good and evil. Vocalist M. Blacklord sounds like a hybrid of Christian Linderson and a young Ozzy. Of the four tracks, the opening “Obsidian Temple” and “Gogmagog” are the strongest of the lot, and were the tunes originally featured on the ’07 demo version of DOOMICVUS VOBISCVM. The former is a more Witchcraft-y/Sabbath infused slow rocker, the latter a more mystical and epic affair that sounds like it was seasoned with a little Solitude Aeturnus for flavor. The production/mix on the unearthed “Conspiracy of the Dead” and “Stare in the Dark” is a little rougher around the edges, sounding more like the best takes of a work in progress. The songs are still quality, but little things like straining for the high notes on “Stare in the Dark” signal that these tunes weren’t quite ready for prime time.

But overall, DOOMICVS VOBISCVM certainly hints that Weird Light had a knack for the genre. Given the time to develop, who knows where the band could’ve been today? For the hunters of obscure doom, check out the Bandcamp link for streams and more info on Weird Light.
Track Listing

1. Obsidian Temple
2. Gogmagog (Under the Trumpets of Doom)
3. Conspiracy of the Dead
4. Stare in the Dark


M. Blacklord - Guitars, drums, vocals, music
F. Faust - Bass, Lyrics

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