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Godless We Stand
June 2004
Released: 2003, Magic Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

I know that this album came out quite some time ago (August 12, 2003), but hey, I’m only as fast as the band that sends me their material. Though I suppose that Wehrwolfe can be forgiven, given the fact that it was vocalist Nathan Ellis who contacted me to review the album, and he’s no longer in the band. There is another reason that the band can be forgiven: the fact that they’ve delivered such a kickass CD!

What you get with GODLESS WE STAND is pure uncompromising brutal death metal. Pure and vicious, Wehrwolfe are probably one of the most unrelentingly crushing bands I’ve heard this year. From first note to last the band blaze away with speed and precision, except for the brief respite afforded in the ambient “Ashes”. There’s not a lot on here that will blow you away with originality, and despite the fact that I castigate newcomers Unholy Ghost for the same thing in their review this month, I can’t help but love what Wehrwolfe are doing. Sure the riffs are good, if nothing special, it’s the pure aggression and palpable anger that the band brings to the table that sets them apart. Plus, those solos are fucking insane (“Stainless Steel Lycanthropy”).

Now for the bad news: most of that aforementioned aggression is due largely to the throat-ripping performance of Nathan Ellis. I’m sure that bass-player Devon is up to the task of taking over the vocalist slot, but I can’t help but be a little wary. Time will tell. But back to the album at hand! Rest assured that GODLESS WE STAND is one of the better death metal albums released in the last year or two, easily crushing the competition in a tidal wave of pure fury. If you haven’t found Wehrwolfe yet, consider yourself warned.
Track Listing

1) Unholy Crusade
2) Godless We Stand
3) M1A2 Battalion of Hate
4) Stainless Steel Lycanthropy
5) Bloodstained Honor
6) Ashes
7) Forged Sufferance
8) Insurrection
9) Trinity Undone
10) Final March
11) Masked Jackal


Nathan Ellis: Vocals
Chuck: Guitars
Devon: Bass
Scott: Drums

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