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Weekend Nachos
July 2011
Released: 2011, Relapse Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Powerviolence is one of THE most divisive genres, one you either love...for its raucous insane hyper-blast sonic punk intransigence...or hate...most probably for the very same reasons. Mention it to most people, and you’ll get a grimance and the name ‘Sore Throat’ chucked at you with much vehemence... well that’s as maybe, but for this grizzled old Punk (at heart) I’ve always had a soft spot for this much maligned genre. Lets not forget that Magrudergrind, Spazz, Bastard Noise, AIDS Wolf, Asshole Parade, Charles Bronson, No Comment, Man Is The Bastard etc are all PV class acts...and you can’t argue with quality like that!

So to Weekend Nachos...freshly signed to Relapse...and as pissed off and hatefully venomous as ever, this shit-kicking album crashes out of your speakers with all the grace and subtlety as an amphetamine dosed rhino! Its as fast as f***, replete with some crawlingly slow and filthy breakdowns, and simply doesn’t give a f*** what you think! You can’t help but be taken in by their fearless D-Beat slamming infectious as an STD, but a lot more fun! The 14 tracks tear past in a dizzying 25 minutes, a dizzying barrage of riffs and blasting rhythms assault you from seemingly every angle…it’s like being aurally hammered by a pack of Tasmanian Devils!

Its brutal stuff, just as you think you have them figured, they flay your senses with yet another bomb-burst of musical savagery! They do most definitely ‘tip a nod’ to the Sludge genre, most notably during those slow and poisonous breakdowns, and its this unholy fusion of speed and sludgeon power that makes them so f***ing appealing! These psychos are clearly working their aural insanity straight from the padded from ‘straight jacket corner’ of a Mental Institution in deepest Chicago...The lunatics truly are running the Asylum! And I want whatever drugs they’re on!

Review by Satanic Muttley
Track Listing

Hometown Hero
Black Earth
For Life
Old Friends Don’t Mean Shit
The Meeting
Jock Powerviolence
The Fine Art Of Bullshit
You Could Exist Tomorrow


John Hoffmann (vocals)
Andy Zarian (guitars)
Drew Brown (bass guitars)
Byron Leuders (drums)

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