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We All Fall
February 2015
Released: Dece, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

We All Fall are back with their second full studio album titled 'Miasmatic'. The five from Madrid are back in full force with 10 tracks of memorable material, three years after their first LP 'Paradise Paradox' was released. We All Fall are a band that certainly put 110% (although mathematically impossible) into every musical venture they move into with an ever growing list of released and accessible material since 2005. This includes: a demo, EP, their first LP, Live album and now a second full LP for all to experience. You can feel the dedication they have as a band when you listen to either 'Paradise Paradox' or 'Miasmatic'.

The album kicks off with 'No Name' a track the spews out emotion and determination with Victor Prieto seemingly screaming for his life in what you feel is a testament to what the band has gone through to get to where they are. The message is clear stand up and fight, you've invested too much to back down. The track has elements of We All Fall's brutal edge and contains some excellent displays of musicianship in terms of tightness and ability. The second track 'Urge' begins with a funky set of opening rhythm from drummer Rodrigo De Lucas which then opens up to another display of We All Fall's darker edge. There is a lot of groove on display as We All Fall alternate from the heavier blasts of tremelo picking and accompanying double kicking to more melodic sections. The melodic parts don't last very long as the band keep the heaviness factor as the focal point.

The third track 'Lies you sell' again has a nice opening, with a groove driven riff that then breaks into a slower, softer approach for the vocals to come in. The song shows as a powerful piece which doesn't focus purely on the driving force that their instruments have, although there are short bursts of thunderous fillers and a more impressive guitar solo than the previous tracks. The song has its moments but certainly wouldn't be a selling point for the album. The fourth track serves as another softer, more melodic approach that includes some elements of dominant growls and backing blasts from the rest of the band but fails to lack a certain punch that We All Fall are more than capable of delivering.

'Mother Night' the fifth serving of the album reclaims the brutality that We All Fall have within them. After the previous two tracks this song makes up for the short sabbatical and provides a redeeming source of head banging content for those metal purists. We All Fall seamlessly weave in and out of the two extremes as 'Riding the Snake' (again a softer approach that includes the odd delivery of thunder) flows into 'Inflexequence' (an instrumental piece) which then leads to 'Descent', another impressive song with a more heavier edge. Each song has its own merits though.

As we near the end of the album 'Into the grey' the ninth track of the album builds towards the climax with some more concentrated moments of blasting rhythm up until around the three minute mark where the track slows down then launches back to life with some potent riffs and extreme metal themes. The last track 'Miasmatic' brings a different edge as the band are playing instrumentally with many various samples being layered over the top. People screaming, police sirens etc. are the filler until around three minutes where the track breaks off and for a while there is silence until some clean guitars come in to finish off the album. An atmospheric ending to what has proved to be quite an atmospheric album.

The album overall has some great moments although at some rare but noticeable points throughout the album Victor Prieto sounds like a Spanish James Hetfield which is slightly off putting but he also has an extremely ferocious guttural cry that he can unleash without warning. This kind of sums up the album, moments of greatness and then other moments that are more lulling and not as forceful as they could be. There is still a lot of good things going on here and We All Fall and 'Miasmatic' definitely deserve a listen and your own interpretation.
Track Listing

1. No name
3.Lies you sell
4.The Shepherd
5.Mother Night
6.Riding the Snake
9.Into the Grey
10. Miasmatic


Victor Prieto-Vocals
Natxo E.Rodriguez-Bass
Ivan Checa-Guitars
Felix Rincon-Guitars
Rodrigo De Lucas-Drums

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