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Metal Church
August 2001
Released: 2001, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 3.7/5
Reviewer: EvilG

I wanted to hate this CD. Why? – Because of the simple reason that David Wayne is essentially attempting to pass this off as Metal Church. The album name is METAL CHURCH and the band is called WAYNE. I had read about this travesty on the official metal church website at Appearently, none of the members of Metal Church were aware of this. This is David Wayne proving himself as an idiot and revealing to everyone why he was booted from Metal Church to begin with. Ranting aside, I can’t help but get into this CD because it’s 100% classic metal with heavy grooves, catchy hooks, thick sounding guitars, great vocals, etc. I am saddened to admit that I like this much more then Wayne’s return to Metal Church for the weak album 1999 MASTERPEACE. I guess this just goes to prove to me that Metal Church belongs with vocal god Mike Howe back on vocals and Wayne belongs on his own. This is the album that MASTERPEACE should have been. I have to listen to this for what it is and not think about the internal squabbling that goes on behind the scenes.

So who is playing in the band Wayne? Well of course we have David Wayne on vocals. On guitars we have the only other Metal Church member who is a part of this line-up and that is Craig Wells. The other guitar spot if filled by Jimi Bell. On bass is Mark Franco and on drums is ex-Yngwie Malmsteen and Thunderhead drummer B.J. Zampa.

Opening cut “The Choice” is an upbeat track with killer rhythms that caught my ear on first listen. “The Hammer Will Fall” and “Soos Creek Cemetery” are both heavy grooving rocking songs. “Hannibal” is another song with memorable riffs sounding like it could fit into a classic Metal Church album pretty easily. Same goes for “Nightmare Part III” which has some really cool ripping solos! “Vlad” has a riff in it for the verses that sounds dangerously close Sabbath’s “Zero The Hero.” The rest of the track is a bit more upbeat.

If you find you didn’t like Wayne’s return to Metal Church then perhaps this album will be more to your liking. In the meantime, bow your heads and join me in prayer to the metal gods for the return of Mike Howe to Metal Church.
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