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In the Mist of Night
January 2015
Released: 2014, Obscure - Abhorrence
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Having obtained very little information about the one man Black Metal outfit known as Vargsang, who appears to be shrouded in mystery. Now after six years of absence he has returned to unleash a follow up record In the Mist of Night.

As ‘The Roots of Hate’ unfolds with a bleak sounding atmosphere, the track erupts into a violent spree of drums, fast riffs and shrieks reminiscent of early Darkthrone material. The sinister tonality of the track remains intact throughout, giving off a truly misanthropic slab of aggression.

Next up, the sludgy pace of ’Praise the Dead’ follows with metallic guitars, deep throated shrieks and an ethereal sense of darkness with symphonic textures. The guitar solos intervene, showcasing the band’s versatility to the highest degree.

The brutal assault of ’Cosmic Gate’ remains one of the strongest offerings on the record. The track plays out with a well-measured use of keys and dissonant guitar passages that will no doubt satisfy even the most demanding of listeners.

The bulk of the album follows in a similar fashion, with a strong emphasis toward primitive Black Metal sensibilities playing out. From the sweeping guitar intro of ’Lifeless Eternal’ to the opaque atmosphere conjured from ’There is No Heaven’.

‘Chains of Life’ finishes on an appropriate note, pulling everything that makes Vargsang so essential to your ears into one final offering of destructive Metal. Everything from the vocals, cathartic riffs and atmosphere pulls you in and keeps you locked in.

What makes this record work is the sheer level of authenticity to the earlier Black Metal sound that so many fans long to see a revival of. What’s more, Vargsang is simultaneously able to create the right balance between low-fi Black Metal and retain a strong song writing process that is both immersive and memorable.

Review by Ben Spencer
Track Listing

1. The Roots of Hate
2. Praise the Dead
3. In the Mist of Night
4. The Cosmic Gate
5. Lifeless Eternal
6. Of Sickness and Lust
7. Captured In the Dark
8. There Is No Heaven
9. Begottten
10. Chains of Life


Vargsang: All instruments and vocals

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