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Rage Of The Gods
March 2016
Released: 2015, Metalizer
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Better late than never! RAGE OF THE GODS was originally slated for release in late 2014 and it ended up being late 2015, but that is OK.

It was worth the wait. Perhaps business or politics created a change on plans because the band is no longer with StormSpell but have shifted over to the German label, Metalizer. The line-up has expanded as they have added a second guitarist, Vincent Camarillo maybe to fill out the sound. The album art isn’t quite as awesome as the debut but it is pretty cool volcanoes, a dinosaur and a giant ape and more, perhaps even a little tip of the hat to ROCK THE NATIONS by Saxon.

The band have started writing slightly longer songs, half the songs on the record clock in at over six minutes, that is not a criticism, just an observation. Accordingly, the overall sound is a little more epic but thankfully the speed and power are still there. If you read a lot of reviews you may recognize that many writers try to create categorizations or phrases in hopes that they can be the first of come up with a phrase or idea. Well, it’s my turn. Vanlade is the NWOUSPM. I’m sure someone else, far more clever than I, has already thought of this, but it works. I could see these guys rampaging across the continental US with Visigoth and Eternal Champion.

I really enjoy the big backing vocals, and the sense of power and fun as well. RAGE OF THE GODS is largely fast but has some nice tempo changes like the middle segment of ‘Aeons of Madness’. Brett Blackout still has that unique and characteristic vocal tone and delivery settled in a higher register. I’d suggest he is not technically that proficient of a singer, but man! That enthusiasm, delivery and energy totally make up for any shortcomings (real or otherwise) in the singing department. The album is loaded with decent solos and packed with good head-banging riffs. Vanlade still manage to capture the spirit and style of the 80’s so well it’s scary. Good scary.

By the end of the album, I feel that RAGE OF THE GODS didn’t have the immediacy or the hooks that the debut had. Of course, I’m sure the band would argue and suggest that they have evolved but maybe, to my ears this is a case of mild sophomore slump. It is still a well above average album and I encourage all true Metal warriors everywhere to own.
Track Listing

1. Rage of the Gods
2. Frozen for All Time
3. Jaws of Life
4. Hail the Protector
5. Hellrazor
6. Moonbound
7. Aeons of Madness
8. Acid Reign
9. Carnicidal
10. As Above, So Below


Brett Blackout Scott Vocals
Zach Vänlade Guitar
Vinnie Lee Camarillo Guitar
Nikky Skorcher Bass
Cody Campbell Drums



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