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Vanishing Point
The Fourth Season
August 2007
Released: 2007, Dockyard 1
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Simon Lukic

Vanishing Point is arguably Australia’s premier melodic Metal band and the release of aptly titled THE FOURTH SEASON sees the band reaffirm its position at the top of the mountain. A spot they have held since forming back in 1995. Well it’s been 2 years since the release of the enigmatic EMBRACE THE SILENCE and fans should ready themselves for an album that will fulfil expectations and them some.

Where EMBRACE was a sprawling epic, THE FOURTH SEASON is a little different in that it offers a few understated surprises with shorter compositions and a heavier songwriting approach. While not too obvious, these subtle changes add to the bands sound and work to keep their style intact while moving it forward. This is no better heard in songs such as “Ashen Sky”, “Tyranny Of Distance”, the Japanese bonus cut “Veil Of Deceit” or the utterly brilliant “Surrender” – a track deserving of radio attention if ever there was one. The remainder of the album is chock full of songs that exemplify Vanishing Point’s sound with “Hope Among The Heartless”, “I Within I”, “Wake Me” and “Embodiment” leading the way.

As many of you know vocals are a big part of the Vanishing Point sound and Silvio Massaro has put in another brilliant performance here. The vocal melodies are huge - as are the harmonies and I’m sure this album will place Silvio up there with the greats of the genre. Add the efforts of guitarists Tommy Vucur and Chris Porcianko as well as the work of their new bassist Adrian Alimic and drummer Jack Lukic (who has since been replaced by Christian Nativo) to the mix and well, it makes for one hell of a band performance.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that I’m a huge fan of the album and I’ll make no qualms about it, I’ve been a fan of the band for a very long time but what they’ve done here – which other bands should take note of - is kept an eye on their past and progressed without making any unnecessary/drastic changes. The band has done this with each album and the improvements between IN THOUGHT, TANGLED IN DREAM, EMBRACE THE SILENCE and now THE FOURTH SEASON has been gradual and impressive. This is essentially what all bands should do with their career and evolve without losing sight of who they were when they started. This is what Queensryche should have done, but didn’t and we all know how we feel about that.

Before I tie things up here, I’ve got to be honest and say that there is really no other band like Vanishing Point. Kamelot, Evergrey and Savatage sure do come close if comparisons need to be drawn but even those bands (all of which I am a massive fan of) cannot tap into the levels of emotion Vanishing Point can reach. At the moment no one can.

This is one the years biggest releases, make no doubt about that. Listen and hear it for yourself.
Track Listing

01. Embodiment
02. Tyranny Of Distance
03. Surrender
04. Hope Among The Heartless
05. Gaia
06. I Within I
07. Behind The Open Door
08. Ashen Sky
09. One Foot In Both Worlds
10. Veil Of Deceit (Japanese bonus track)
11. Wake Me
12. A Day Of Difference


Silvio Massaro - Vocals
Tommy Vucur - Guitars
Chris Porcianko - Guitars
Adrian Alimic - Bass
Christian Nativo - Drums

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