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July 2000
Released: 2000, Metal Blade Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

What...ANOTHER death metal review?? Yes it's true, this CD has torn my head off. My god, how do these guys manage to keep everything so tight yet maintain a non-noisy blast of sick death metal is beyond me. I'm kind of ashamed to say that this is the fist Vader CD I've actually had the fortune to get considering the band has been around since the late 80's!

Morbid Angel better have something extra special in store for us for their upcoming CD or this could be THE death metal CD of 2000. I'm by no means "Mr. Death Metal" - but there is always a CD or two a year from this genre that really does something for me. This is mood music for me, I have to be in the mood for something over the top and extreme. The CD bashes in with "Wings" a godly double kicker (like most all their material) that will leave you breathless. The next killer track is "Xepher" - a song that should make Sepultura ashamed of what they've done these past few years. If Slayer wrote a death metal tune then "Litany" could be exactly what it would come out like. In fact, I bet these guys have been heavily influenced by Slayer. There's some very cool riffs in this song, especially the main riff. The lyrics of this track is an unending sting of adjectives...kinda funny but it works. Next up is "Cold Demons" - a song about tanks ("Demons made of steel and flesh") that has a very cool intro, the kind that makes me wish I had a tank and could take it out for a spin some day and blow the complete fuck out of something haha (hmm...does death metal incite violence? Who cares, it makes you feel powerful when you get into it haha). This CD never lets up, yet surprisingly, it doesn't lose me with being overly brutal or noisy like many other death metal CD's do. "The Calling" solos on here are very Slayer-like with plenty of tasty screaming dive bombs....gotta love it! The drums are a whirlwind that will pummel any uninitiated listeners into dust. Reportedly the drummer shortened the album length by about 10 minutes because he played so fast and viciously in the studio! The lyrics to this album are also above average. No, this is not mindless lyrics about corpses but some pretty thoughtful stuff like on "World of Hurt" - which deals with feelings that all of us have had. My copy of the CD had a CD-ROM extra containing a video for the song "Cold Demons." It's not really a video, but a bunch of tanks blowing shit up and a few live shots of the band. Kinda cool. The other stuff was an interview, discography, Litany album lyrics and pictures. The graphics for this CD are amazing and you can really see them in their full glory expanded on your computer screen.

If you can get past the silly band name (yeah it reminds me of Darth how scary) and you are looking for quality brutal death metal then you have to check out this CD. This CD is one big power trip that rules from beginning to end!

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