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May 2011
Released: 2011, Napalm Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Theis Rytoft

I have listened more than a bit to Vintersorg during the last years and overall find the releases coherent. Not to confuse it as a coherent “album-catalogue” but in terms of separate albums: Some metal bands release polarized albums considering song quality but I haven’t found that trait with Vintersorg.

JORDPULS is in itself a good representative of Vintersorg’s style: A diverse style with loads of differing “folkish” melodies as well as vocals. Generally the tracks contain very dissimilar traits and it is quite easy to distinguish between them after having listened through JORDPULS. The vocals differ between clean and a black metal inspired. This is a fine contrast and very symbolizing of Vintersorg, however, the black metal vocal does get tedious at some points.

The cover presents you with a beautiful forest and the songs, in their created atmosphere, take you straight to that. The associations I get when listening through the songs is which events take place in this forest: from wild troll dancing in a nocturnal setting to a simple, peaceful wandering in it. Being able to create so many images in my mind is a very positive element.

Despite possessing melodies with different characteristics, the album does come up shorthanded a few too many times: All of the tracks are interesting at some points and levels but many of them are likewise uninspiring at others. Nonetheless JORDPULS also presents many catchy choruses such as in “Skogen Sover” and “Världsalltets Fanfar”.
Track Listing

01. Världsalltets Fanfar 5:23
02. Klippor Och Skär 6:12
03. Till Dånet Av Forsar Och Fall 4:31
04. Mörk Nebulosa 5:23
05. Stjärndyrkan 5:06
06. Skogen Sover 5:54
07. Vindögat 4:34
08. Palissader 5:27
09. Eld Och Lågor 4:14


Vintersorg - Vocals and choirs, rhythm, lead and acoustic
guitars, keyboards, programming and FX
Mattias Marklund - Rhythm and lead guitars

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