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Visions Of Atlantis
August 2011
Released: 2011, Napalm Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Back in 2004 I introduced my radio co-host to Visions Of Atlantis with their second album CAST AWAY. He said they were second-rate Nightwish clones (or something to that effect) and that they would never make it. At about the same time, our very own writer Anders wrote a review on this site of that album and made the same Nightwish comparion. Here were are 7 years later and it’s time to revisit the band.

Still on the respected Napalm Records label, Visions Of Atlantis has just released album #4 called DELTA. Time has told the tale and the band are a global success and still going stronger than ever before. I’d suggest they are likely Austria’s second best band in this sub-genre, trailing closely behind Edenbridge.

In case you not familiar VOA employ a dual male-female lead vocalist style. However finding the perfect fir for the female lead vocal has been a challenge to the band as this is the third album in a row that we get to hear a new female voice behind the microphone. Melissa is out, Joanna never recorded with the band and enter Maxi Nil! I like her voice and she does an admirable job filling a big role in an established international act. She has been around the Greek Metal scene for some time and her combination of range, power and sweetness make her an admirable fit.

If anything DELTA is a shade heavier than TRINITY but as I’ve said before those are pretty subtle shades of grey. Tracks like’ Where Daylight Fails’ bring a newer sense of tempo and urgency to symphonic Power. Mario sings darker and rougher than he ever has before especially on ‘Conquest Of Others’ his vocal work nicely juxtaposed with Maxi’s soaring soprano vocalizations. The intro of the same songs features a darker, heavier tone and a introduction with sound-effects of war and terror.

Visions Of Atlantis have certainly increased the use of orchestration on DELTA. This addition brings a new-found power and intensity to the songs. We get more strings, choirs, horns and more of everything making for a very dense and full sound. The guitars hum along with some elegant and understated soloing but they are not and never really have been the centerpiece of the bands sound. The band has written another beautiful and tender ballad showcasing Maxi’s sweet voice accompanied by some simple acoustic piano before gradually building in tempo. The track in question ‘Reflection’, is a classic ballad in every sense of the word.

There is an enormous amount of talent and sophistication within this band and this is likely one of the best albums in this style you will hear this year. There are dozens and dozens of bands in this style and with DELTA, Visions Of Atlantis demonstrate that they are at the top of the pack.
Track Listing

1. Black River Delta
2. Memento
3. New Dawn
4. Where Daylight Fails
5. Conquest Of Others
6. Twist Of Fate
7. Elegy Of Existence
8. Reflection
9. Sonar
10. Gravitate Towards Fatality


Mario Plank-Vocals
Maxi Nil-Vocals
Werner Fiedler-Guitars
Martin Harb-Keyboards
Mario Lochert-Bass
Thomas Caser-Drums

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