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Virgin Steele
Magick Fire Music
July 2000
Released: 2000, Noise Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

This CD is simply a tie over for Virgin Steele fans before the sure to be glorious part two release of The House of Atreus.

Of the six tracks on Magick Fire Music, three of them are from the upcoming House Of Atreus, Part II. They are "Wings Of Vengeance" which has a very cool opening riff with uniquely played guitar trills over double kicks. Then there is the powerful "Flames Of Thy Power (From Blood They Rise)" and there's the third track for the next CD - "Agamemnon's Last Hour (Silver Sided Death)." I didn't like Agamemnon's Last hour that much because it was too heavy on David's falsetto voice - nothing to worry about though as this track is only 1:15 long! The track "Prometheus The Fallen One" is a different version than what appeared on the Virgin Steele CD The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell Part II but this version is still very good. The track "Gate of Kings" was originally on The House of Atreus, Part I but this version is totally different and I prefer the original because this one has been turned into a total acoustic version. The last track on this EP, and one of my favorite Virgin Steele songs, is "Great Sword of Flame." This version is somewhat rawer sounding in the mix than the original. This is the catchiest song on the EP, the kind of song that gets stuck in my mind after hearing it once again. I had to pop on this song a couple of times by itself when the urge struck me.

Even though this is an EP, it's as long as many band's full length releases! It clocks in at 31+ minutes long! By the Gods, this is a great taste of what we can expect from The House of Atreus, Part II which tentatively sees light of day this September...can't wait!!
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