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Vince Neil
Live At the Whiskey: One Night Only
July 2003
Released: 2003, VNS Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

My rating on this is no doubt higher than a non-Crüe fan's might be. It might also be a higher rating than that of a die-hard Crüe fan who believes that only Nikki, Vince, Mick, and Tommy should play Mötley Crüe songs. I partly agree on that one, but the thing is the Crüe are not together, and I feel that the only member who can pull of playing Crüe material live is Vince. Some people love to poke fun a Vince saying he’s washed up, overweight, with comments like “his voice is gone.” Fuck that, I think he still has “it” & he looks better and in better shape than he has in recent years. Also, his voice sounds great on this live CD. I’ve heard bootleg recordings from past tours and he sounds better on this then he has on many of the past live recordings he’s done. He might not be in his prime, and he’s not the world’s most technical singer by any means, but he’s still got the sound, style and attitude.

The one thing that let me down about this CD was that there were not more Vince solo songs on here. There is only the one Vince solo song, and that is for the most excellent track “Look In Her Eyes”. Vince explained the official reason for only 1 solo song on the live album with this statement: “To tell you the truth we did more Vince songs, but the tapes got lost." (Source: BW&BK). That’s a pretty sad excuse! After all, he’s touring and he could have recorded a bunch of Vince solo tracks at another venue. But hey, the main thing is Vince is keeping alive the Mötley flame! It’s too bad the other Crüe members were not into writing and recording new Mötley Crüe albums. To me that is a major drag. If Mick’s illness means he can’t tour, then so be it, can’t they at least record studio albums or is he to a point where he can’t even play guitar now? :( In brighter news, Vince has plans for a new solo studio CD set for a 2004 release. Reportedly it will by similar to EXPOSED (the better of the two Vince solo album by far) and Mötley Crüe!

So enough rambling, let’s have a look at what is offered on ONE NIGHT ONLY. The album was recorded at the Whisky A Go Go on the infamous Sunset Strip In Hollywood, California. This is one of the clubs that Mötley helped make legendary to a generation, so it’s only fitting that the show is recorded here. The CD opens with the intro “In The Beginning”. We are gypped out of hearing the proper follow-up, “Shout at the Devil”, as the track “Kickstart My Heart” begins the concert. All is forgiven because this is followed by one of my favorite Mötley tracks, “Knock ‘em Dead Kid”. The solo in this one was not played note for note to Mick’s original solo…too bad. Vince’s guitarist, Brent Woods, is a good player though (even through Steve Stevens of Billy Idol fame was a true godsend for Vince on EXPOSED) and on songs like “Home Sweet Home” Brent more closely nails the leads. Canadian drummer, Brent Fitz is no Tommy Lee (then again, in the realm of hard rock drumming, who is?), but he does a respectable job. Bassist James Hunting is buried in the mix for most of the tracks, so I can’t really comment on his playing. The main thing is Vince sounds great on all the songs. He hits most of the notes and doesn’t sound strained. Some of the other highlights on the CD for me include “Red Hot”, “Look In Her Eyes”, “Piece of Your Action”….all the songs are great. I wish that this were a 2CD set though, or even better a live DVD!!!! I wouldn’t of minded if a few other gems were dusted off like “On With The Show”, “Danger”, Use It Or Lose It”, etc. I know we all want what we are not given. If those songs were on there and the others were left off, we’d complain about their absence as well I guess!
Track Listing

1. Kick Start My Heart
2. Knock 'em Dead Kid
3. Look In Her Eyes
4. Red Hot
5. Piece Of Your Action
6. Girls, Girls, Girls
7. Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)
8. Home Sweet Home
9. Looks That Kill
10. Dr. Feelgood
11. Smokin' In The Boys' Room
12. Live Wire


Vince Neil - Vocals, Guitar
Brent Woods - Guitar, Vocals
James Hunting - Bass, Vocals
Brent Fitz - Drums, Keys

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