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The Villainizing EP
May 2011
Released: 2010, Indie / R.A.V. Records
Rating: 0.5/5
Reviewer: JP

I don’t know this is really aimed at. If a new band doesn’t catch my ear, I’ll usually pass, but this caught my eye and ear for all the wrong reasons. This local (Alberta, Canada) project is truly horrible. It’s offensive, amateurish and loaded with vile, politically incorrect humour, aimed at offending everyone.

This debut EP, is low-budget with lame cover art, containing half a dozen songs that span 22 minutes I’ll never get back. Why do people send me this crap and expect to be taken seriously? It’s some weird and unpleasant blend of death, thrash, comedy, like some sort of odd in-joke. In this day of volatile geo-political relationships, the last thing we need are these guys to agitate everyone on the block. These guys make GWAR look like Rhodes Scholars and Venom seem talented. Yuk. And they probably smell like fish tacos.

What’s worse, someone has encouraged Villainizer and they are planning to do a full-length! If you support THE VILLAINIZING EP, the terrorists win. If you insist in wasting your time check them out on Youtube or Facebook.
Track Listing

1. Jewish Necromancer
2. Black Death (When Death's Been Drinking...)
3. Cinderhella
5. The Headless Thrasher
6. Jewish Frankensong


Rob The Arab Villain
Sam The Jewish Villain
John The Saddlebag Villain

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