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Vomit The Soul
Apostles of Inexpression
October 2009
Released: 2009, Unique Leader Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Hanntu

Vomit The Soul are the latest in a long illustrious line of Unique Leader protégés who have dedicated their time and effort to being the fastest, lowest, dirtiest, heaviest and most brutal death metal bands this side of hell. If your band name is taken from a Cannibal Corpse song, you have to expect a certain style, don’t you? APOSTLES OF INEXPRESSION is the band’s second album after 2005’s PORTRAITS OF INHUMAN ABOMINATION.

Straightaway, it’s immediately apparent what Vomit The Soul are all about. Blending ultra-low death grunts with occasional pig-squeals immediately puts them into the category of modern brutal deathcore with technical elements. Now, all these are just labels, so let me throw some names out there for you. Cannibal Corpse obviously, especially later-era Corpse; Suffocation and Nile undeniably; early Cryptopsy; Dying Fetus’ KILLING ON ADRENALINE; Decrepit Birth’s first album; Devourment’s BUTCHER THE WEAK; Spawn of Possession, Job For A Cowboy’s latest and Beneath the Massacre’s MECHANICS OF DYSFUNCTION. Your appetite must surely be whetted now.

These influences are clear for all to see, and the Italian band makes no pretence of hiding any of them. This is pride in your craft and lineage, celebrating your influences and paying due tribute to them. Vomit The Soul have no desire to be experimental, to break out of the box, to incorporate anything other than pure death metal into their music. They want to be crushing, fast, brutal and just…well, DEATH METAL.

And they succeed. In spades. They manage to tread the line that bands like Nile and Cryptopsy have trod, blending technicality with brutality. Superb drumming, twisted time and rhythmic stop-start changes, gnarled yet crushingly heavy riffs, rumbling vocals that betray the Corpse and Suffocation influence, groove-laden breakdowns and occasional arpeggiated lead riffs that bespeak modern deathcore like Job For A Cowboy and modern death like Necrophagist and Spawn of Possession respectively – it’s pretty much the perfect introduction into all the vital aspects of brutal and technical death metal. APOSTLES OF INEXPRESSION is one of the few albums where I can actually stomach the pig squeals, simply because they are used very infrequently and when they surface, they actually add something to the bestial and animalistic atmosphere.

This is half an hour of brutality and filth, and the fluidity and frequency with which Vomit The Soul change gears should throw any fears of boredom out of the window. Strictly for death metal fans only.
Track Listing

1. Prototypes of Values Incarnation
2. Prototypes of Values Incarnation
3. Extirpated from Absurdity
4. Overcrowd
5. Apostles of Inexpression
6. Unrecognized Elements Presence
7. Decay of an Inviolable Dogma
8. Inconsistent Delta


Max Santarelli – Guitars/Vocals
Ycio – Drums
Andrea – Bass
Massi – Guitars

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