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Visceral Bleeding
Transcend Into Ferocity
December 2006
Released: 2004, Neurotic Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Madman

Neurotic Records compares Sweden’s Visceral Bleeding to bands like Suffocation and Spawn of Possession and they definitely are not wrong in their comparisons. 2004’s TRANSCEND INTO FEROCITY is a big slab of technical brutal death metal that is meant to peel the skin off your face with aggression and technicality. The band throws out breaks unexpectedly; coming at you with incredible speed one instant, and then dropping grooves out of nowhere. The band have most definitely been listening to albums like PIERCED FROM WITHIN, CABINET, and maybe even CLOSE TO A WORLD BELOW.

Forming in 1999 the band released 2002’s REMNANTS OF DEPRIVATION via Retribute Records to small recognition. 2004 saw the band on Neurotic Records, who specialize in this kind of music, releasing this, their second album, TRANSCEND INTO FEROCITY to some somewhat rave reviews across the death metal scene. Now, the band have already followed up this album with ABSORBING THE DISARRAY this year (2006), though I haven’t heard anyone talk about ABSORBING THE DISARRAY even near as much as TRANSCEND INTO FEROCITY but it’s quite possible I’ve been travelling in much different circles currently than I did two years ago.

Now upon first hearing TRANSCEND INTO FEROCITY earlier this year, I was impressed with the band’s musicianship and obvious ability. I mean, it’s always impressive to hear a band replicate the style, especially when an obviously high level of musicianship is required. Musically the band are as off the wall and unexpected as you might expect though they rarely pull out that killer riff or incredible mosh section that’s required. Certainly some of the songs here are good, even up there with the greats, like the group of “Indulge in Self Mutilation”, “Fury Unleashed”, and “Trephine the Malformed” but generally the music is more like an exercise in brutality and musicianship; the band merely going through the motions to make extreme music but not create something of note. There’s talent here but TRANSCEND INTO FEROCITY shows the band needs to work on their song craft.

Visceral Bleeding were showing some definite promise in 2004, maybe now in 2006 they’re ready to take the death metal world by storm.
Track Listing

1. Merely Parts Remain
2. Fed To The Dogs
3. Indulged In Self Mutilation
4. Fury Unleashed
5. Trephine The Malformed
6. All Flesh...
7. Clenched Fist Obedience
8. Fire Took His Face
9. When Pain Came To Town


Dennis Rondum - Vocals
Marcus Nilsson - Lead Guitar
Peter Persson - Guitar
Calle Lofgren - Bass
Tobbe Persson - Drums

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