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Visions From The Spiral Generator
August 2002
Released: 2002, Napalm Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Night of the Realm

This album is a very big disappointment. Vintersorg’s fifth and latest studio work, VISIONS FROM THE SPIRAL GENERATOR, forsakes his solid folk/Viking metal roots in exchange for some of the pseudo-black metal “spacey” sound similar to that of newer Abigor, Borknagar, and even Arcturus. On this album, Vintersorg teams up with one of the ultimate bass talents of all time, Mr. Steve DiGiorgio (Death, Sadus, Iced Earth, Control Denied, etc.).

Although Vintersorg’s performance as vocalist on Borknagar’s latest album, Empiricism, was excellent, filling the vacancy left by ex-Borknagar bassist/vocalist ICS Vortex to Dimmu Borgir (a waste of Vortex’s great talent), the Borknagar influences have infiltrated Vintersorg’s traditional style. Gone are many of the elements that made Vintersorg’s previous albums, especially Odemarken’s Son and Till Fjalls so appealing to folk and Viking metal enthusiasts such as myself. The epic nature, as well as the folk/Viking influences, has been exchanged for odd sounding synth samplers and effects that strike me as discordant and un-Vintersorg-ish.

On to the positive aspects…most of the songs on this album are good, but as I mentioned previously, the funky synths really strike down many parts of the songs. Tracks like “Vem Styr Symmetrin,” and “A Metaphysical Drama,” are in typical Vintersorg fashion, complete with his trademark growling/powerful clean vocal mix. One of the better tracks on the album is “Universums Dunkla Alfabet,” a rather fast piece in which Steve DiGiorgio’s excellent basswork is quite prominent during the growled verses before breaking into a powerful, clean chorus. Of course, Steve DiGiorgio’s bass is always great, regardless of the band in which he is playing. One improvement on this album is the number of the songs sung in Swedish. I was somewhat disappointed that Vintersorg’s previous album, Cosmic Genesis, was sung mostly in English. Here, however, almost half of the tracks are in Swedish.

After my first listen to VISIONS FROM THE SPIRAL GENERATOR, I was so disappointed that I was ready to write off the entire album as crap, but with subsequent listens, I overcame my initial shock and the album has since grown on me. Even as I was writing this review, I found that I liked the album more and more. I still cannot stand the synths and effects, but I can appreciate the rest of the album. I’m sure that many die-hard Vintersorg fans will find this album disappointing. This album took several listens to gain any appreciation from me, but now it has grown on me a bit. Those people new to Vintersorg should try out his earlier works, especially Odemarken’s Son, which has more folk influences, and I highly recommend.

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