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Reign In Terror
February 2014
Released: 2013, Indie
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Alberta Assault! In early 2014 Calgary, Alberta will be hosting the WACKEN METAL BATTLE. This contest has regional acts perform to audiences and judges who then decide who gets to go further in the contest, with the winner getting a trip to perform at Wacken. Visit for more details. This is a good a time as any to do my bi-annual, quick, regional round-up of releases from Alberta Metal bands. Even though not all of these bands may be competing in WMB, I’d like to thank the bands who provided review copies for me for my radio show and The bands are Armifera, Black Pestilence, Bloated Pig, Enemyus, Exit Strategy, Ides Of Winter, Kataplexis, Misanthropy, Scythia, Throne Of Vengeance, Trollband, Vile Insignia and Villainizer. Please feel free to check out the other reviews in this feature.

In 2011 I wrote a review of the debut EP, THE VILLAINIZING, by the terrorist Metal band Villainizer. I said it sucked. Then in 2012 militant followers of the band captured me and tortured me by making me listen to their album I BOMB NEW YORK. I was brainwashed and I said I loved it. On September 11th, 2013 while the band was distracted by shooting their guns into the sky to celebrate the release of their new album REIGN IN TERROR, I managed to escape my captors and fled. I took refuge in the Calgary Embassy and they gave me asylum. Unfortunately the Edmonton terrorist band are crafty dogs and they have surrounded the embassy and trapped me inside. They have set up giant walls of Marshall amplifiers and those scum, play the REIGN IN TERROR all nine tracks and 29 minutes of it day and night, over and over until I grow mad. I can think of nothing else as every song penetrates my brain 24 hours a day. They air-drop copies of the booklet so I cannot escape reading their dirty lyrics of lies and propaganda and cannot avoid looking at the cover art which looks like Slayer’s REIGN IN BLOOD. They are clever as they weave subtle references, lyrical and musical into the songs of thrash bands of the elder times.

Slowly seeping into my mind like the sweet smoke of a hookah REIGN IN TEROR has insidiously infected my mind. The songs rage with the fury of a thousand Bedouins sweeping down from the steppes riding their battle-camels. The guitars flare like AK fire in the night and the raw vocals of the Rob ‘The Arab Villain’ roar out calling the heathens to prayer.

I have heard this album so many time I know every word, every note all nine songs and 28 minutes of it. I cannot escape it’s clutches. From the chanted intro, the humorous lyrics, to the ripping thrash this is the ultimately indoctrination to terrorist Metal. Reign in terror indeed! I pray for death’s sweet embrace. To be continued…
Track Listing

1. Chant
2. Turbanator
3. Bomberman
4. Random Act of Violence
5. Twin Tower Two-step
6. The Magic Lamp
7. Terror Abraxas
8. Re-Bomberman
9. Raining Bombs


Rob "The Arab Villain" Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Drew "The Druciferian Villain" Guitar
Trent "The Quantum Villain" Halliwell Guitar
Josh "The Irish Villain" Drums

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