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Sick In The Head
November 2000
Released: 2000, Metal Blade
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

What the hell? I know that Hank Shermann (from the almighty Mercyful Fate) is one of the most respected heavy metal guitarists ever, but whoever convinced him that Virus7 was a good career move should be shot. This is one of the biggest pieces of crap to blow through my speakers in a long time (but still better than Scratching Post). I guess I should have expected it, given 'ol Hank's track record with side projects. Does anyone remember his cock rock band Fate? Thought not.

Virus7 is an Hank's attempt to go hardcore, I think. Whatever it is, it is entirely stripped down music without an ounce of creativity. I mean, this is exactly paint-by-numbers clod metal. There isn't a single idea on this album that hasn't been played somewhere before, probably somewhere around 1994. For a man who was part of writing some of the greatest heavy metal riffs ever, this is pathetic.

Don't even get me started on vocalist Edgar Allen. He's not even a true vocalist, he merely screams tonelessly into the mic. What a crock of shit. Another warning: ignore the lyrics! They are some of the stupidest lyrics that I have ever heard. Witness the pure poetry of "Stuck On It" where more than half of the song is the repetition of its title. Or how about the cliché-ridden "Danger Me", "Your Master Calls", "Obey Or Die", and "True Pain". Yes, I get it, you've had a really hard life and it sucks and you're going to get everyone back. Uh-huh.

There is really nothing to recommend on this CD. I guess "The Execution" and "Livin' Large" are pretty cool rockers, but beyond them, this is some of the most thoughtless and vapid metal that I've ever heard. The problem is, people are going to buy this CD, simply because it is a Hank Shermann project. Please folks, do what Vince says and keep the money where it's easy to see! And Hank, for the love of the King, no more side projects!
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